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Will Retainers Shift Teeth Back Into Place 6 Months After Braces? (photo)

I got my braces off six months ago. My teeth shifted because I haven't worn my retainers ever since. If I wear them now, will my teeth go back to... READ MORE

How Long Will my Teeth Take to Straighten?

I have braces for a month now to correct my 4 front teeth so I can smile nicely. I have no problems with my bite, it's just my crooked front... READ MORE

How Can I Fix my Big Front Teeth?

Hi, I guess I'm just looking for some professional opinions. I recently got my braces off. The main concern I had when I went to get them on was... READ MORE

Discontinued Using Retainer

I had an orthodontic treatement 3 yrs back.i used the retainer for a period of just few months and discontinued it.Now i feel there is a change in the... READ MORE

Will Lips Change After Braces And Extraction Of Protruding Teeth?

Will a persons top lip (and area between their mouth and nose) get smaller after extraction and braces are used to fixed protruding teeth? READ MORE

Ortho Said Clear Retainer is Still Ok if It's Cracked, Is this True?

I have a clear retainer for my upper teeth, but it's very worn. My ortho said that's ok when I went in for the follow up appointment a few... READ MORE

My Back Bracket Fell off What Should I Do?

Today i was eating my lunch and after lunch i was flossing and i saw that i am missing my right back bracket i also wear rubberbands i wear my left... READ MORE

Teeth Wiggle After Braces, Is this Normal?

My 20 year old daughter had her braces removed in May. her anterior teeth still wiggle a bit, less than 1mm. Is this normal? Also, her gums became... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Spaces to Be Created by Braces?

I had braces placed on june 11. I was diagnosed with 4mm open bite, overbite, and midfacial hypoplasia. The doctors plan to have me wear braces for a... READ MORE

Can Teeth Be Safely Whitened After Braces Come Off?

Does the cement used in attaching braces to my teeth pose problems for teeth whitening after having braces removed? Should teeth be professionally... READ MORE

How Can I Fix my Retainer Without Seeing my Orthodontist? (photo)

My retainer broke two months ago, it only on the back of the upper left and bottom right, my top teeth have shifted a little. I was thinking that my... READ MORE

What Are the Options if Braces Won't Correct an Overbite?

How likely is the need to have the  jaw broken to correct an overbite if regular braces are not enough? What procedures are available? READ MORE

Do Rubber Bands or Chains on Braces Actually Work?

I am a Class III, 20 year old, with an edge to edge bite. My upper jaw falls .05mm ahead of my lower jaw. (overjet?) My question is how effective is... READ MORE

Wearing a Retainer After Braces

Is it true that if you don't wear your retainer after using conventional braces for a required period of  6-8 months, your teeth will move back... READ MORE

Will Braces Damage my Teeth if I Can't See the Orthodontist?

I've had braces on for about 2 years but haven't had them tightened in nearly a year. After 1 yr, I couldn't afford the payments, so I couldn't see... READ MORE

Can You Drink Anything on Clear, Essix, Rivera Retainers?

I know people should not eat meal with them on, but can they eat desserts, or small sweets on them or they have to take them out? Also, is it ok to... READ MORE

Black Triangle Gap Between my Two Front Teeth

I am getting my braces off in three weeks, and for the most part I am very happy. One of the spaces that won't close will need a little bonding, but... READ MORE

How Do I Tell the Orthodontist I Want my Braces Off?

My teeth have been in their final positions for over 3 months. Every time I go for a checkup, the ortho doesn't want to take them off yet. Last time I... READ MORE

How Can I Close my Gap and How Long Will It Take?

Hi I've always had a gap between my teeth as I have oversized gums, but had braces for two years which corrected all this. However, despite... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have my Two Front Teeth Filed Down? (photo)

I had braces, but my two front teeth still look a little large. I also don't think the braces completely fixed my overbite. I find it hard to bite... READ MORE

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