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Braces for Adult with Overbite and Overcrowding?

I am 42 years old and have overcrowded teeth (I have all of my wisdom teeth; their eruption pushed all other teeth together), resulting in frequent... READ MORE

Insignia Braces Vs In-ovation C or R?

I am looking into braces for adult. Would like to know if there are any result differences between Insignia vs In-Ovation R or C. They are different... READ MORE

I've Heard Braces Are Painful, Are "Fastbraces" Any Different?

I'm researching different alternatives for "adult" braces. Never had them as a kid READ MORE

Are braces more painful as an adult?

I was miserable the first week and a half with braces. I am a 25 y/o Female who recently got upper and lower braces put on. All of my family and... READ MORE

Can top teeth be pulled forward in adult braces? Will bottom teeth/jawline retract now that bottom wisdom teeth were extracted?

Broke tooth. While getting braces to close my center gap, orthodontist said he could pull teeth forward & close space. I have very high cheekbones & a... READ MORE

Is it typical for an adult to get a palate expander with orthodontic treatment?

I have gone to an orthodontist and was terrified to find out I would need a palate expander. I thought palate expander weren't desired for adults... READ MORE

11 year old with no adult teeth 35 and 45 - remove or keep if she needs braces anyway?

My 11 year old daughter is missing two adult teeth numbers 35 and 45, although the baby teeth are still in place. Should we remove the baby teeth and... READ MORE

Adult braces. Mid 20s. Do I need extractions? (Photo)

Hi there. Ive been looking at getting braces. Went to a recommended orthodontist clinic. At my 2nd apointment after photos and xrays ,i have... READ MORE

Adult braces/jaw shaving?

If adult braces fitted to correct slight cant and jaw shaving is done while wearing braces - could the braces potentially encourage new bone growth?... READ MORE

Where can I find if any, help with getting braces? My insurance will not help since I'm an adult.

I am in a situation where my husband and I support two children on 1 income. My current dental health is poor but I am working with a dental clinic to... READ MORE

What does braces cost in Oklahoma? Would I need top and bottom or just bottom? (photos)

Since I was a kid I've wanted to fix the crowding on my bottom teeth. Now that I'm an adult and have great insurance I'd like to research the cost of... READ MORE

Metal or ciramic braces; which is the best for adults? (Photos)

Hai sir, i am 29 year old guy,i need wear bracess,which one is best,and how long wear that pls detail READ MORE

Braces on adult with 5 crowns? I am 42 and have an overbite that has been bothering me for years.

My lower front teeth do show a lot of wear as I clinch my teeth at night. I also have 5 crowns so I am concerned that orthodontic treatment might not... READ MORE

How badly will braces affect the teeth that have recedings gums, to begin with? (Photo)

I recently got my lower braces, so i have a month's time to see the dentist next. however i am concerned because my lower canines, and my cetral tooth... READ MORE

Where can I get clear or back of teeth adult braces on the sunshine coast, QLD, Australia? (Photo)

Hi im i turned 20 today and have decided its time to fix my teeth, im looking around for back of teeth or clear adult braces, my teeth are extremely... READ MORE

Adult braces. Can all braces do an adjustment of palatal aperture and displacing teeth?

Can all braces do an adjustment of palatal aperture and displacing teeth? If so which one is more successful at being speedy? Is it not out of the... READ MORE

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