6 Months Post-op + Braces

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Will Retainers Shift Teeth Back Into Place 6 Months After Braces? (photo)

I got my braces off six months ago. My teeth shifted because I haven't worn my retainers ever since. If I wear them now, will my teeth go back to... READ MORE

How to Correct Midline? I Am Missing My Left Lateral Incisor.

I am missing my left lateral incisor, had it removed when I was little. My front teeth shifted about 3mm to the left, I have also noticed my upper lip... READ MORE

6 Months Post Braces and My Daughters Needs Them Again?

My daughters tooth has shifted and we were adv she would need to put braces back on even though she has worn her retainer day/night since. its only... READ MORE

Can extraction of four 1st/2nd bicuspids help with not overcrowded teeth with protrusion? (photos)

I had done braces 6 months ago without extraction. My concern is if I do go ahead with extraction now, would the teeth become too retracted in as my... READ MORE

How Long Should You Wear a Brace in Order for the Teeth Not to Move Back?

I have only had my brace on for 6 months and my dentist wants to take it off already. Another orthodontist that I had, said that it would take at... READ MORE

What kind of damage is likely from early termination of orthodontic treatment? Is there anything I can do to mitigate this?

I began orthodontic treatment 6 months ago. The beginning wasn't fun, but manageable. Now after elastics were put on I cannot tolerate it at all. My... READ MORE

After closing a 3mm gap with frenulum, my upper incisors are not squarely positioned. Any suggestions?

I have been wearing braces since 6 months to close a 3mm gap between my upper incisors which are fairly big. Orthodontist applied brazes on the bottom... READ MORE

Will my retainer fix my shifted tooth?

I got my braces off about six months ago. I was somewhat good about wearing my retainer in the beging however I stopped wearing it for about a month.... READ MORE

6 months into overbite correction; my face looks thinner. I had no extractions and haven't lost any weight? (Photos)

Im 29, have braces for last 6 mo. I see visible changes in my teeth , but i feel my face looks weak now. Not liking the change . What should i do for... READ MORE

Can Hawley Retainers Be Adjusted? (photo)

I got my braces off six months ago and have been wearing my retainers all day, every day. However, my top row of teeth have moved and are beginning... READ MORE

My Top Row of Teeth Have Shifted. Can I Ask my Orthodontist for a Permanent Retainer or the Braces Back on for the Top?

I got my braces off 6 months ago, my front four teeth on my top row have moved even though I have a retainer. I feel like my retainer is slowly being... READ MORE

I Got my Braces off About Six Months Ago, I Didn't Wear my Retainer Much, Until a Month Ago. Will my Teeth Move Back?

I got my braces off six months ago and I didn't wear my retainer much. About a month ago then I started wearing it. The first night it was very tight... READ MORE

Bimaxillary protrusion, 4 first premolars extracted but protrusion remains. Can I have more teeth extracted?

Hi! its been 6 months since i got my braces and 4 first premolar extractions ,the gaps are closing but i see that there isnt enough space for the... READ MORE

Can retainers fix a slight shift of teeth after braces? (Photo)

I got my braces off a little over 6 months ago I used to wear my retainer then I got lazy & then would wear it at night and sometimes I would just... READ MORE

Will my face changes with Braces?

Hello, i placed braces 6 months ago. I am 26 years. I placed palatal extendors and my face changed . My arches are widder and bones look really... READ MORE

I Removed my Braces 6 Months Back? (photo)

Just yesterday I slipped on the floor and fell down and got hurt on my chin.I am having numb feeling on my upper teeth since then.I'm worried that it... READ MORE

I've been wearing braces for 6 months. Is it too early to remove them and wear a retainer?

Hi doc, im from malaysia... I was wore braces just for six months and now the doctor said that we can remove the braces and you wear a retainer...my... READ MORE

Got braces 6 months ago. More crooked smile than before. a) Teeth look straighter but very tilted. b) Pushing canine up? (photo)

Started wearing braces 6 months ago. I'm missing a left upper canine (left upper teeth sunk higher). I thought the 1st thing the doctor would do is to... READ MORE

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