4 Months Post-op + Braces

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Adult with Fixed Brace, Worn for 4 Months So Far, 1 Tooth Has Become Sensitive and Wobbly, is This Ok??

Hi, I am 34 with a fixed brace and I have been wearing it for the past 4 months now, I have just begun to notice that a tooth on my right upper side... READ MORE

Position of brackets to correct overbite? (Photo)

Hi, I have had my braces for the past 4 months. I have teeth crowding and a slight overbite of the top jaw. Recently, I had to do an adjustment at a... READ MORE

Will I have over jet when my braces are removed? How will this affect my bite? (Photo)

I got braces about four months ago. I was told that I needed two molars ontop and bottom to be removed. After careful consideration I decided to opt... READ MORE

Can my misaligned teeth be fixed by wearing a retainer 24/7? (photo)

I got my braces off 4 months ago and I rarely wear my retainers and as you can see both my upper and lower teeth are starting to move. Should I go and... READ MORE

I got braces for a second time and have had braces for 4 months. Asking about power chains and time getting braces off. (Photo)

I got braces for a second time and have had them for 4 months and I'm getting my power chain on next month am I almost done? And how long will it take... READ MORE

4 whole months Braces going unchecked. Can they cause any damage?

Could you advise me if that's safe? The practice said can't do nothing about it's not their fault if orthodontist leleft. I know unethical and... READ MORE

Bottom Tooth Shifted. Gaps Between Lower Teeth. Retainer Messed Up? (photo)

So about 4 moths ago my braces came off everything looked fine.Iv noticed one tooth shifting more ever since and its bugging me. Also, iv noticed the... READ MORE

Fast braces; it is worth it? (Photos)

My braces has been removed around 3-4 months ago and I am not really satisfied with the gap between upper and my lower teeth. I have asked an opinion... READ MORE

Can I just stop wearing braces even when it is not finished because I want to?

I have my braces for only about 4 months, but i will go abroad to study for 2 years. The price of any operation involving teeth there is expensive and... READ MORE

I have a gap, how long will it take to close? (Photo)

I already have braces. I've had them for about 4 months now. My gap was smaller before I had braces because I had a palette expander. Now the gap... READ MORE

I had already braces in 4 months and still no changing. Any suggestions? (photo)

My four months braces has no improvement. Too much worried on myself. My lowerbite is still existing. And i feel no pain at all. As you can see in the... READ MORE

I have been wearing my retainers for 4 months. There's a gap between my canine & molar. Can it be saved without braces? (Photo)

I'm not sure if I had always had a gap but surely it must have not been noticeable. I haven't gone back to my orthodontist since I had my retainers... READ MORE

I've my braces for 4 months. My dentist said I need my 2 lower premolars extracted to fix the protrusion. Is this right? (Photo)

But I'm doubtful. Instead I opted to have my other two wisdom teeth on the left to be removed but my dentist said it will require a lot more time and... READ MORE

Does it work to correct overbite? (Photo)

Braces taken off about 4 months ago but still have an overbite. Lost my retainer and versus buying another one for $600 I was considering correct my... READ MORE

Bad bite and more crooked teeth during braces? (Photos)

Good day, Hi. I'm 26 years of age and just got my braces about 4 months ago to correct my front teeth. I saw noticable changes within the 4 months of... READ MORE

I have one extremely painful tooth, I have braces, is it likely to be them or a problem with my actual tooth?

I got my braces about 4 months ago, everything has been fine, aside from the usual discomfort. I bit down on a chocolate yesterday, I didn't realise... READ MORE

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