3 Years Post-op + Braces

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Options for High Canine Teeth?

I had braces for 3 years and they were removed almost 3 years ago. Since having them removed my canine teeth have moved higher up into my gums despite... READ MORE

How Much Longer (Estimated) Will I Have my Braces For?

I had my braces for three years and sum months.  READ MORE

I Have Braces, But Afraid That My Incisors Are Not Aligned to my Philtrum (photo)

I have been wearing braces for three years now. My concern is that my incisors are still not aligned with my philtrum. I know that my braces can... READ MORE

Have Not Worn Retainers in Years?

I have not worn my retainers for 1.5 years (its 3 years old) and tried last night. It hurt to put on at fist but fits fine and is comfortable. Even... READ MORE

Why my smile disappeared after braces? I lost my nature smile and can't see teeth when smiling. (photo)

I`ve been wearing lingual braces for 2.9 years now. My teeth became straight but my smile totally disappeared and ruined. I can hardly see my upper... READ MORE

What Will Correct my Bite into my Palette? (photo)

I had braces for 3yrs and had them off for 3yrs now. Im very good about wearing my retainers (I'm super OCD when it comes to my teeth) I always had an... READ MORE

How can I fix my overbite and TMJ? (photos)

Hi, I'm wearing my braces for 3yrs and it improved my teeth for 60% except the overbite at my left. How can it be corrected? Should i expand my upper... READ MORE

Are braces the only option to fix a misaligned bite?

I had braces for 3 years and got them off in 2013. My teeth are perfectly straight but my bite is off and my jaw doesn't really relax to allow my back... READ MORE

Slanted, uneven teeth with a one sided bite and excessive gums, fix? (photos)

I had braces on for 3 years and admit to losing my retainer for a month. However, certain elements were not fixed even after my braces and are... READ MORE

How Long Will I Need Braces For? and an Estimate of How Much It Will Cost? (photo)

Ive had braces for 5 years and had them taken off about 3 years ago. i stoped wearing my retainers and so my teeth shifted sadly. READ MORE

Braces for over three years and my teeth are still not finished and jaw is slanted- can this be fixed with braces? (photo)

I've had braces for over 3 years now and after all this time my teeth now look worse than when we started? My teeth were not bad at all at the... READ MORE

I have a hard lump beneath gums above my canine tooth, is it possible my tooth shifted back and top part is shifting out a bit?

I got my braces off more than 3 years ago, and I wore my retainer every night for 1 year, then every 2nd night for 6 months, etc. Now I wear it every... READ MORE

3 yrs post op Braces, my front tooth is not very straight. Am I being paranoid? (photo)

I've had braces for 3 years already. And my ortho told me that I could remove them this Sep. However, after inspecting my teeth, I found out the my... READ MORE

My teeth gets more off centered and ugly after brace, what can I do to fix it? (photos)

I started to wear braces almost three years ago and it's the biggest mistake in my life. One of my lower teeth start to grow when there are no room... READ MORE

Can I insist on my braces being taken off before my end period? (photo)

I've had my braces for 2 1/2 years now, and I am desperate to get them off. My mother lost her job so we were not able to make payments for a while.... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take Teeth to Move?

I got my braces off over three years ago, I haven't been wearing my retainer much in the last year and a half, just every once in a while to make sure... READ MORE

Is it ok to wear an old retainer after not having worn it for awhile to correct teeth movement?

I had braces removes 3 years ago, and used to wear my retainer religiously. my orthodontist continually tightened it to adjust a few teeth at the... READ MORE

The Dentist Said They Still Need to Make my Top Set of Teeth More Narrow How Long Will This Take? I Have Had then on for 3 Years

I have had my braces for 3years and the orthodontist said they still need to make my top set of teeth more narrow because it is more wide than my... READ MORE

I've had braces for 3 years, and other orthos told me it's not ok that my upper and bottom don't match. Any advice? (photo)

I ve had the braces for 3 years, and other orthos told me is not ok that my upper and bottom dont match, that i should start all over and have... READ MORE

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