1 Week Post-op + Braces

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Does my Crossbite Need to Be Corrected? (photo)

I had my braces put on last Thursday and my ortho discussed with me all the issues they want the braces to fix. Crowding was one of them and I thought... READ MORE

Is it normal for your tooth to be loose after taking off Braces?

I just took my braces off a week ago and I have retainers now! My two front tooth are a little bit loose just a little, it feels loose! Is it normal!... READ MORE

My son is 13 and had some of his braces put on a week ago, one of his teeth are now loose, is this normal?

My son was born with a cleft lip/palate and had some of his braces put on a week ago. There is a lot of crowding as I'm sure you can imagine given his... READ MORE

Power Chains For Two Months, Noticed Five Days Later The Space is Back?

I had power chains for about two moths and I got them taken off on Tuesday but today five days later I noticed that the space in the front of my teeth... READ MORE

Teeth Moved-Braces Removed 5 Days Ago?

I had my braces removed on a Monday. The orthodontist gave me a removable retainer and a bonded retainer was placed on the back of my front top &... READ MORE

1 week post op ceramic braces, my lower lip came forward as if it is swollen. Is this normal? (photos)

7 days back i started teeth braces,,now i observe that my lower lip was swollen and it came a little bit front,,,,thats mainly due to braces which... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried About One Front Tooth Starting to Protrude a Week After Getting Braces Off? (photo)

I got my braces off a week ago, and already one front tooth is starting to protrude a bit. My teeth are generally quite crowded, and it seems that it... READ MORE

Permanent teeth moving after braces??

I got my braces about 6 days ago. Today I noticed 2 of my bottom teeth moving, like literally wiggling when I touched it. All of my teeth are... READ MORE

Why do my teeth look wonky? (photos)

I had my braces of about a week ago but I had to have one of my front. Tooth filled in with something I don't no what it's called but I had it filled... READ MORE

How long is it supposed to take for swollen gums to be completely normal after braces?

I have had braces for 2 years now and throughout the entire process, I have been dealing with swollen gums. My ortho told me that this happens to... READ MORE

Why is my orthodontist taking my braces off when I still have spaces in my teeth? (Photo)

My orthodontist told me that i will get my braces off next time I go in (8 days) my teeth and bite are all perfect, but I have a gap by both canine... READ MORE

The Bracket on my last molar fell off (Braces) What to do?

I just got my braces put on about 4-5 days ago, and the bracket on my last molar fell loose. I tried to fix it, but then it fell off! My next... READ MORE

A week after braces removed I feel my smile is weird. Do I have an overbite or what? (Photos)

I had braces for 3 years. While I was using them i got only 1 extraction from my upper left side because of problems with my midline, after that I got... READ MORE

Gums are swollen, they bleed, and hurt a lot after Braces and dental cleaning?

I got my braces off almost a week ago, and immediately after got a dental cleaning. The dentist said that my gums were going to bleed and hurt for a... READ MORE

I got my wires put in my braces exactly a week ago and my teeth still ache. Is it normal?

It's not my emigre mouth but the right side of my upper teeth hurt. I don't get why it's only those teeth. Is it normal? How long will the pain last? READ MORE

Sharp pain in tooth now that I have braces!

I've only had braces for about 6 days now, I have to wear elastics on my canines over night. The past couple days, I've been getting this really bad... READ MORE

I got my braces off about a week ago and have clear plastic retainers. At first they fit nicely and now they're loose. Why?

So I got my braces off a week ago and when I got the clear plastic retainers they fit really good and now they are super loose! Like they fall out... READ MORE

My brace just pulled down one of my front tooth more than the other. Is it OK? (Photo)

I just got braces for 1 week.But I noticed that one of the tooth of the front two just got pulled down more than the other.As a result that tooth is... READ MORE

Sliding genio lower lip issue; my lip start to move better?

I am 5 days out after sliding Genioplasty. My lower lip stays straight and my mouth looks empty inside when I smile and talk. I look like a talking... READ MORE

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