1 Month Post-op + Braces

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Cons of Extracting 2 Upper Bicuspids?

Im 15 & just got braces about a month ago. My canines are protruding a little but not a lot. My ortho gave me 3 options to fix my overbite.... READ MORE

I Have a Crossbite(right Side Upper Teeth) and Tmj. Are Braces the Best Fix for Me?

I am 34 and just got braces put on a month ago. I went to the dentist a day ago and he was not sure braces were the best option for my issues. He was... READ MORE

Braces Removed After a Month, Will Teeth Move Back to Exact Position?

I had to have my bottom braces removed as my tmj was so aggravated i was in agony, my orthodontist said they will move back (back being the operative... READ MORE

My palate expander is making my teeth crooked? (photos)

I have recently gotten my braces in the last month, and I just got my palate expander two weeks ago. I had an expander and teeth removed when I was... READ MORE

Is it normal for teeth to become a little loose with braces?

I got braces almost a month ago and ive noticed that my teeth are a little bit wiggly,is this normal or should i be worried READ MORE

How long will I have braces? (Photo)

I got braces just over 4 weeks ago. My orthodontist says I have an open bite and a cross bite. Also, how will my peg tooth look with straight teeth? READ MORE

I've had my braces on for one month, and I want them removed ASAP!

I've had my braces on for a month, the Ortho never once said anything to me about root resorption , never explained anything to , just that I have... READ MORE

Can my frontal lower teeth get uneven due to braces? How can it be fixed? (photo)

Ive had braces for 1 month now but I've noticed that one of my frontal lower teeth has become shorter that the other one and I'm not satisfied with... READ MORE

How Do I Cancel Contract /get Refund After Ending Brace Treatment After a month?

I made a wrong choice... I started my treatment on 9/17/14. Every week I will have a broken bracket! Right now as I'm sending u this email.. I have 3... READ MORE

When will my singular peg lateral be fixed? (photos)

I got braces a little over a month ago, and I was wondering if it will be fixed in the process of braces or when they come off. At the moment there is... READ MORE

I had my wires for one month (since July 18th). How much longer do you think it will be until my gaps close?

When I was 4 I fell down the steps and lost my upper row left central incisor both baby and permanent which made my upper left lateral incisor start... READ MORE

I got my braces off a month ago and my bottom teeth have moved a bit because I didn't wear my retainer. What are my options?

I have been starting wearing and am always going to because I'm upset about it, I put a lot of money and time to have them. My question is.. Do you... READ MORE

Braces problems; what should I do?

Hello ! I'm 20 years old and I had 4 extraction,I got braces about one month, even though my teeth are straight but not perfect, and just have a very... READ MORE

Can they stop treatment?

My daughter has had braces for 4 weeks and she has broken them twice and now is scared of eating in case she breaks them again as she is only allowed... READ MORE

My back bracket came off ! What should I do ? Do I make a appointment right away?

-Its about almost a month. -My teeth doesn't hurt a lot like it uasally does , like after the first few days it stops hurting but the first few days... READ MORE

Can palate expander effect be reversed?

Hi, I got my upper jaw expanded with palate expander. My braces came off around a month ago. The way it has expanded my upper jaw makes my teeth feel... READ MORE

Do I need braces again? (Photo)

I just got my braces off a month ago, but recently got elbowed playing basketball, knocking my one tooth out of position. Luckily the dentist managed... READ MORE

Not wearing retainer for a day about one month after braces?

Hi I would like to ask if not wearing a retainer for a day make any difference. Because I lost my retainer one month after brace and got a new one the... READ MORE

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