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Bump on Forehead from Botox

I got botox on my forehead (third time) but on the last occasion i seem to have developed a bump. It has been nearly 5 months since the treatment and... READ MORE

Botox Side Effects: Are They Common?

I'm a healthy 57 year old, and will be getting Botox next week. Some of the side effects listed are pretty scary. Have you ever had patients... READ MORE

At Dr. Appointment the Botox Syringe Exploded All over my Eye Area

I'm very afraid - could I get the botulinum toxin as this was a mucus membrane? Does botox absorb topically? READ MORE

I Am Worried About Permanent Ptosis From Botox

I received Botox on 1/18 & today 3/29, my eyelid is still drooping a bit...it hasn't returned to normal. Years ago I had blashoplasty (upper... READ MORE

I Had Botox Done a Couple of Times and with Each Time I Experienced More Shortness of Breath. Results Are Great, But I'm Worried

I had Botox done a couple of times and with each time I was experiencing more shortness of breath. I love the results, but I am scared of getting... READ MORE

Botox treatment of masseter (for facial slimming). I can't smile properly, or raise my cheeks. Should I be worried?

Its been two months that I had Botox treatment of masseter (for facial slimming). I am unable to riase my cheeks and cant smile wide enough. This is... READ MORE

What does Botox feel like in the forehead? Is there a constant discomfort?

I was told by a friend who got Botox in her forehead that she would never do it again as it felt like something was stuck to her forehead and wouldn't... READ MORE

Who is Legally Allowed to Administer Botox/Restylane in Canada?

Can anyone tell me if an estitician is legally allowed to obtain either of these? I have had Serious problems with my restalyne, and have learned that... READ MORE

Botox Spreading to Neck?

I had Botox 4 days ago in my chin for dimpling and around the eyes. The eyes are fine and I am happy with them but I am concerned about my chin area.... READ MORE

I had botox for the 3rd time 2 days ago. One particular area on my forehead is quite sore to touch. Should I be alarmed? (Photo)

The area in concern looks like a post bee sting...and this has never happened prior my other 2 times recieving botox. ...There appears to be a faint... READ MORE

Chin looks weird day after Botox? (Photo)

I had a pebble/cobble stone chin, the doctor Injected 6 units of Botox in my chin..the first day I couldn't tell any change but the second day when I... READ MORE

Masseter botox injection last week and it's been about 7 - 8 days now and so far no results?

Should I be worried? I notice some sore and tenseness in my jaw area but nothing painful or affecting my eating habits. Should I continue to wait?... READ MORE

Do I have over enlarged masseter muscles? (Photos)

I'm not sure if this is a case of enlarged massester muscles or my face is just round.. I am worried I clench my jaw at night or grind my teeth. READ MORE

Had Botox injection in top left eyelid for myokymia. I can't close my eyelid all the way. Is this normal? Should I worry?(Photo)

The pictures show just after Botox injections, and then 2 days later I cannot close too lid all the way down. Is this something I should be concerned... READ MORE

I received botox 5 months ago and as a result have a drooping eyelid. When will it get better? (Photo)

It's been 5 months and no improvement? Sometimes it gets worse. Should I be worried? Also I've received botox from many dr and this is the only one... READ MORE

Is my breastfed baby at risk the entire 3 months that the Botox is supposed to last? What symptoms do I look for in him?

I am a first time mom and my son is 8 months old. Today I stupidly made a spontaneous decision to get Botox on my forehead (24 units to be exact). The... READ MORE

Getting Botox for plastysmal band for the first time today. I'm very worried. Should I worry about breathing/swallowing? (Photo)

I am only 33 years old and already have a huge platysmal band on the front/side of my neck that shows when I smile, swallow, talk, etc. it is very... READ MORE

Will lying down 2.5 hours after Botox affect the results or negatively? (photos)

I was face timing with my friend and accidentally lay down on my bed for one second 2.5 hours after Botox!! Omg!! I jumped right up and my friend... READ MORE

Received Botox on my forehead and now I'm getting frown lines, will this go away?

I received botox on the forehead closer to the hair line and now I'm getting frown lines I didn't have before above the eye brow and frown line area.... READ MORE

Botox and breastfeeding toddler (2yrs)

Hello, I would like to know if anyone here has given botox injections to breastfeeding moms? I recently got botox injections under my eyes and... READ MORE

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