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Am I a good candidate for Botox for jaw muscles? (photos)

Hello, I'm not sure how to explain this, but I feel like the lower part of my face is too wide. If you look at my picture, the cheekbones stick out... READ MORE

I Have a Wide Neck. Please Advise? (photo)

Not fat, I don't need a neck lift. I need the muscles to relax. I've done Yoga, chiropractic, massage. I can't seem to create the definition. Most... READ MORE

Do I have a crooked face or just imbalance cheek? 20 units Botox on the right cheek. (photos)

My right cheek is so much bigger/wider than the left. I had done Botox on right cheek for reduction, after 18days still no sign of improvement Its my... READ MORE

I'm 18 and skinny, but have a very wide face, would Botox help me?

I'm 18 years old. I don't want botox for wrinkles but I want botox for my masseters to slim my face. I have a very wide face and I really hate it. I'm... READ MORE

Both sides of my face seem very wide, mainly the part circled in red. You can barely see my ears behind them? (Photo)

What treatments or procedures can be done to give me a more define and thinner face? I've heard botox to the massater muscle? But I'm not sure what is... READ MORE

Is it my nose or cheeks? (photo)

I hate the way my nose looks when i smile. It seems to drop down and expand. - botox? READ MORE

Botox for wide face/brow lift and fillers for chin? (photos)

Hello. My face is very wide and chin doesn't look proportionate to my face. I am very petite so it looks odd. Would botox in the masseter muscle make... READ MORE

Botox between the brows causing a flat/wide look?

Mt question is regarding the flat/wide look that I have seen in some women who get injections of Botox in the 11 area between the brows. I have... READ MORE

Botox on masseter muscle and wider mouth. Any suggestions?

I am planning on having botox injected for my left master muscle (it is more developed than my right master muscle, causing facial asymmetry and... READ MORE

Botox in the nose to reduce swelling?

Two years after septorhinoplasty, the tip of my nose is still very wide and thick. My surgeon today has suggested that I have Botox, his explanation... READ MORE

Can Botox help fix wide set eyes?

I know to surgically do this would be a massive craniofacial procedure and is very risky but can BOTOX or any thing such as a rhinoplasty, forehead... READ MORE

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