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Does Botox Cause the Injected Muscles to Weaken over Time?

Will injecting Botox cause the affected muscle to weaken over time? Will the muscle regain full strength or will it stay in the weakened state? READ MORE

When Will Botox Get out of my Body? Muscle Symptoms/Weakness of It Leaving?

I had a horrible reaction to Botox when I was injected for the first time over 6 months ago (you can read my original post about it under my profile).... READ MORE

Botox to Masseter Muscle for TMJ, Bad Side Effects?

I have recently had Botox to my Masseter muscles as I clench all the time, have a very strong jaw and suffer with TMJ, neck pain. I am not sure of the... READ MORE

Weak Eye Muscle After Botox-Induced Ptosis?

I developed ptosis after botox--my question is can the eye muscle stay weak for an extended period of time after botox induced ptosis? READ MORE

Hard to Chew After Botox in Neck and Jaw - Is This Normal?

My doctor injected botox in my neck and shoulders because I have had tension there for years and also in my jaw because I clench my teeth a lot. Now... READ MORE

Weak Eye Muscle - Will It Improve?

I had botox 4/10, within one week developed ptosis to rt lid-it has mostly resolved, but my rt lid still is very slightly lower on that iris and the... READ MORE

Does Botox Cause All over Body Weakness?

I've had botox 6 weeks ago in my jaw for tmj. 3 weeks following the injection I steaarted experiencing weak feelings in my muscles all over my body.... READ MORE

Can Botox cause facial muscles to weaken and then result in my face sagging?

Hi, over time can Botox cause weakening of facial muscles, which can cause the face to sag and lose elasticity? I'm worried about continuing having... READ MORE

Can Botox cause leg weakness? I had 100 units of Botox for Cervical Dystonia.

I had 100 units of Botox for my Cervical Dystonia, my legs were so weak especially on the right side.. I lost muscle tone and could barely walk.... READ MORE

Eyelid Ptosis From Botox?

I had botox 1 yr ago and still am experiencing weakened eye muscle. On awakening I feel a struggle to open my lid. My eye always feels fatigued. Are... READ MORE

If Botox Relaxes the Muscles Wouldn't They Become Weaker?

One would think that muscles that go unused for a period of time would become weaker causing wrinkles to actually get worse hen the botox wears off,... READ MORE

Botox side effects; have seen or heard of anything like this before?

Botox started to have side effects the symptoms are trouble breathing, talking, or swallowing hoarse voice, unusual or severe muscle weakness fast,... READ MORE

Why Do So Few Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons Admit Potential Eventual Pitfalls of Readily Injecting Botox?

Every action causes a reaction. I have experienced and witnessed "reactions" associated with Botox weakening muscles (no matter how expertly injected)... READ MORE

Severe Reactions to Botox. Developed Extreme Weakness, Etc.?

I have suffered with chronic cluster/migraine headaches for over 38 yrs. I have neen followed by a Chronic Pain Doc. I have had ablations three times... READ MORE

Botox information. Is it true that it can make you really sick and cause these symptoms ?

Hello, I want to do Botox the lines between the brows (Glabellar lines) . Basically I had Botox 5 months ago in Holland. The result was normal. I'm... READ MORE

Botox and vocal chords - Will it Strengthen Them?

I had a mini-stroke about 5 years ago and it left my voice weak and gravely. I have heard that Botox injected into the folds of the vocal chords can... READ MORE

I have swollen eyelids, weakness in arms and legs and tight sensation in neck 2 weeks after Botox. What should I do?

I had botox done 2 weeks ago and been told if you have weakness in arms, legs and droopy eyelid (more like swollen eyelids) I've been told these are... READ MORE

Will movement begin returning before 3 months post botox injection?

Hi, I had a lower dose of botox injected that weakened the muscles, but did not paralyze them (to help with bruxism) The Dr told me I'd probably want... READ MORE

Can Botox Be Washed out of the Body As It is Giving Flu Like Symptoms?

My whole body has been tired and weak. My head and face are hurting and feel so heavy. My arms are tingling and my leg muscles are stiff and tired. I... READ MORE

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