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Still Have Faint Forehead Lines After Botox

I had botox done about 2 1/2 weeks ago on forehead and bunny lines. The middle area of my forehead is "frozen" but I can still see faint lines. Is... READ MORE

Botox After Blepharoplasty?

Is there a waiting period recommended for getting Botox after Blepharoplasty? I am only 3 weeks post op, but I'm anxious to get started. READ MORE

Botox Only Lasted 6 Weeks

I got Botox injection 6wks ago-25units then a week later got 15 more in glabellar only. Botox seems to have 'worn off' & Dr suggests getting more.... READ MORE

3 weeks post op, how long until masseter Botox starts to show?

I received my first botox injection in my masseter muscles to slim down my face almost 3 weeks ago and have seen no improvement. I went in and got a... READ MORE

I have been undergoing RT for breast cancer. I didn't get any result from Botox. Is it due to radiation?

During the radiation I had botox and fillers in my face which normally I get very good results, but didn't get any results, is it due to the... READ MORE

Breastfeeding and botox. Is it safe to resume?

I stopped breastfeeding after 8 months, and I treated myself with a botox treatment. Is it possible to resume breastfeeding, if I continue to pump and... READ MORE

Botox and trying to get pregnant - how long to wait?

I had my botox injection yesterday and did not think to ask about whether it would have an impact on any pregnancy. I am a 37 year old woman and I'd... READ MORE

I had botox done full forehead about 5 wks now , two weeks into it I noticed vertical lines. Any suggestion?

How long do I need to wait and can it be fixed? Had botox to forehead 5 wls now . 2 wks in notice indentations running vertical.  READ MORE

Will taking an oral steroid, Anavar, interfere with Botox or Juvederm injections??

I am currently on my first cycle of a oral steroid called anavar and I am going to get some more Botox and lip fillers(juverderm). I am a little... READ MORE

Botox 5 days ago. Should I wait 10 days are go back now? (photos)

I had Botox for fist time 5 days ago. One eyebrow is higher then other when I make a face expression are open my eyes. Not so bad if not moving eyes... READ MORE

I just had my 2nd botox shot for a hemifacial spasm. The first shot worked almost immediately but this second shot has not ?

My doctor says we must wait at least 2 weeks as every shot given takes time and there is no precise time as to when it will "kick in". He says if he... READ MORE

How long is too long to have Botox touch up?

Just over 2 weeks ago I received Botox in my forehead. After 2 weeks my forehead muscles have weakened, however, I still have full movement between my... READ MORE

Is it safe to do Botox to eye area before Non-ablative Laser? How many days to wait before or after?

Got recommendation to do botox in frown line area and around eye to open the eye area, i.e move brows a little bit upward. I am also in the middle of... READ MORE

I've built up a resistance to Botox over the last 10 yrs, will Botox ever work for me again?

I started having botox about 10-12 yrs ago, the last year has been terrible, I keept going to different places to have botox because it wasnt working,... READ MORE

How long to wait before eyebrow drop looks better?

I had Botox to treat area between brows (frown) and some above brows to lesson excessive brow raising. This was 7 days ago. It seems the right eye... READ MORE

When can we see the result of Botox injection? Can you please tell me sir?

My mother has a problem Invoulantry tongue movements. So doctor said to take botox injection. 7 days back she took injection but till now we didn't... READ MORE

6 units Botox in lips. Hit myself (not hard) in mount 2 hours after injection. Are my results jeopardized?

I had 6 units of Botox put into my lips (2 on each side and 2 up top) to enhance their appearance. A little more than two hours after injection, I... READ MORE

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