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How Long Should I Wait After my Intial Botox Treatment to Receive my Second?

I just received my first treatment (which went well:) and know the effects of Botox last about 3 - 4 months. My question is should I wait for the... READ MORE

Can I Have Botox Treatment a Week After Non Facial Surgery and a General Anaesthetic?

I have heard that you should wait 6 weeks after a GA to have Botox treatment and I am not sure if this is true and if so why? READ MORE

Facial laser after botox?

I bought 3 trinity laser treatments that I need to get done. I recently had botox and was told not to do any facial laser treatments as it would make... READ MORE

Why don't doctors want to inject Botox into my chin?

I have dimpling in my chin from a scarred mentalis. I have seen 2 plastic surgeons and they told me to wait before injecting any botox. Why? READ MORE

Masseter botox injection last week and it's been about 7 - 8 days now and so far no results?

Should I be worried? I notice some sore and tenseness in my jaw area but nothing painful or affecting my eating habits. Should I continue to wait?... READ MORE

Does my Botox on day 5 starting to look lopsided in its effect or will this even out? (photo)

I had Botox 5 days ago to my DAO and above eyebrows to create a arch effect and in my upper lip under cupid bow for the lines. also had juvederm to my... READ MORE

Can Botox fix my nasolabial folds? (photo)

When I smile my nasolabial folds are different shapes and my nose leans toward the right. My right cheek also feels tight when smiling conpared to my... READ MORE

Breastfeeding and would like facial fillers/botox, is it safe?

What is the medical opinion on getting botox and/or filler while breastfeeding? Should I wait until no longer bfing? Also, what is the stance on laser... READ MORE

Right eyelid droop 2 weeks post Botox. Any suggestions?

Two weeks after receiving botox for my forehead and 11s, I've noticed my right eyelid to be quite puffy. I suspect this is due to either too much... READ MORE

Botox to lift eyebrow 6 days ago. (photos)

I had Botox to lift my eyebrows 6 days ago. One eyebrow is lifted but the other looks the same as it did prior to Botox treatment. Will my eyebrows... READ MORE

Overly arched brow from Botox from 6 days ago.

Botox 6 days ago, upper forehead, crows feet & brow lift. Maybe 30 un. total. I'm concerned about brows. At rest they aren't bad (higher than I... READ MORE

Swollen around eyes after Botox?

Hi doctors I had open septorhinoplasty 2 months ago. I got fillers 2 weeks ago, swelled and bruised badly but it went down after 5 days. 3 days ago I... READ MORE

Will more Botox make my eye worse? Any suggestions please. (photos)

3 weeks post botox. I have had to accept i have a droopy eyelid which may last months (I am using drops but not much help) :-( but what also looks... READ MORE

Could I get facial fillers and Botox before I go get minor surgery for an uneven lip line due to an accident?

I have an appointment for fillers for the hollowness under my eyes and Botox to bring up my eyebrows a little bit. I have this scheduled first then I... READ MORE

Inner eyelid drop 5 days after Botox

Hi I had Botox for the second time 5 days ago, it seems my inner eye lid has dropped or brow? Will this correct itself? I rang my provider and they... READ MORE

Can botox cause small purple patches under eyes?

I had botox 5 months ago, too high a dose and have been waiting months for affects to wear off (dropping of brow from 11's being injected, bunching /... READ MORE

Is it better to wait for Botox (or any filler) longer after Ulthera than a few weeks?

If Ulthera is uplifting and boosting collagen production, wouldn't it be better to wait until the effect is in full bloom before I do fillers or Botox? READ MORE

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