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Can Botox Impair Vision?

I had Botox done approx. 4 weeks ago. I now have a droopy eyelid, but I'm also finding it difficult to focus with my right eye. Is this normal, and ... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause Vision Loss?

Although I don't really think Botox is the causing the vision loss, I still want to make sure. READ MORE

Botox Gave Me a Droopy Eyelid but Also Got into the Eye Muscle

I have a droopy eyelid from a recent botox injection, but aside from the droopy lid, the muscle has also been affected and my gaze is off (the droopy... READ MORE

Are These Normal Side Effects of Botox?

I Thought I Had Food Poisoning 2 Days After Having Botox and my Eyesight is Impaired  Very Hard to Go out Doors Because of Sun. Anyone else have... READ MORE

Botox is Moving Around my Face and I Have Sudden Vision Problem and High Blood Pressure. Is This Common? Is It Permanent?

Has anyone had a patient who could feel and sometimes see Botox moving down their face? I went to a board certified plastic surgeon for my 11... READ MORE

Does Botox Make Eye Sensitive to Light?

Hello doctors my name is folan i m from Iraq i was injected by botox three moths ago since then i suffer from bad vision i became so sensitive to... READ MORE

Botox Injections for My Crows Feet, and I'm Having Vision/Focusing Issues?

Two weeks ago I recieved botox injections for my crows feet and lines under my eye About 3 days later my vision began to change. Its hard to explain... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Tell if my Vision Will Be Affected by Botox?

Hello, I got a total of 40 units 6 days ago.10 in the forehead for lines, 26 inbetween the eye brows to prevent frown lines,and roughly a unit or two... READ MORE

Is Botox to glabella and crows feet dangerous to eyesight since you can't squint/frown to block the sunlight?

People naturally squint/frown in the sunlight to shield their eyes from the bright light. People in need of a browlift or eyelid surgery may actually... READ MORE

Can long-term Botox use affect my memory and my vision? (Photo)

I have been receiving Botox injections every 3 months to my face ,neck and shoulders. It is for migraines and damage to the facial nerve from a... READ MORE

Are fillers as safe as botox?

Are fillers as safe as botox? If they're injected wrongly into an artery near the eye this can lead to vision loss and brain damage? This doesn't... READ MORE

Can Botox or Latisse cause a change in vision?

I had Botox in my forehead and between my eyebrows 2 weeks ago and also started Latisse. Recently I have had vision changes in my right eye, like a... READ MORE

Uneven Vision One Month After Botox Help!!!

I had Botox one month ago, a total of 55 unit in my forehead, 11's and crows feet. 2 weeks ago I started having vision problems, strange vision where... READ MORE

Burning eyes 9 hours post botox injection in between brows. Will my vision be affected? Will I have droopy lids?

I just had botox injection between my brows (15 units) administered by a plastic surgeon about 9 hours ago and my eyes are burning. I am freaking out... READ MORE

Botox has affected my vision. I can't smile, can't go outside or watch TV. What can I do?

I received 10 units of Botox around and under the eyes February 6, I went back to the doctor for an adjustment because there was my right side... READ MORE

Fillers in my tear troughs and dysport. My eyes are moving slowly and I have brain fog. Is this common?

When will this end? I had the fillers and dysport 7 days ago. The dysport was around my eyes. My eyes hurt and my vision is off. I feel depressed... READ MORE

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