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How Many Botox Units for 11's or Frown Lines?

I received 20 units of Botox yesterday. Now I think I may have been cheated, he just wanted to get his $256 and the 20 units he injected were not... READ MORE

How Many Units to Botox Crow's Feet?

I have had Botox for a few years and love it. I have changed my location. I have a new person doing Botox, my problem is I have always maintained... READ MORE

Botox for Frown Lines - How Many Units Are Normal?

I just went to get rid of my frown lines (forehead) they gave me 46 units of Botox, which is equivalent to 2 syringes... does that sound right? ... READ MORE

Botox Cost - CC's Vs. Units?

How common is it for doctors to sell Botox in cc's instead of units? How much does Botox cost per cc of Botox vs. per unit of Botox? READ MORE

Average Amount of Botox Units to Lift Brows?

How many units of Botox is typically needed to give a slight lift to the brows of a female? Thank you. READ MORE

Is 10 Units of Botox Per Side Too Much for Crows Feet?

I am in my early thirties and I do not get regular botox. I don't have any lines around my eyes at all unless I smile. The first time I got botox... READ MORE

Distribution of Botox Units in the Glabellar Area

For the glabellar lines, what is the recommended units of Botox (distribution of 20 units) needed to relax the corrugator and depressor supercilli... READ MORE

Botox Dilution: How to Be Sure You Get the Units of Botox Paid for

How do you know if you are getting the actual number of units (Botox) that you are paying for, when should you notice results and can you tell if the... READ MORE

Botox Unit Vs Botox CC Cost Comparison

I am being charged $46.00 per CC for botox. How far will 1 cc go? I am going to new doctor for Botox and they quoted me $46.00 per cc, not per unit.... READ MORE

What is a Botox Unit?

What is a unit? How many units are in a Botox bottle? READ MORE

How many Botox Units needed? (photo)

How many units of botox might need a 50 years old woman for forehead and eye area (crow's feet) and if that together is consider one area or two area.... READ MORE

Are 15 Units of Botox Enough for Frown Lines?

I received 15 units of Botox 2 days ago for my frown lines ('11"). I still frown and don't feel much paralysis to the muscels and frown lines are... READ MORE

How Much Units of Masseters Botox to Start With?

My Doctor is compelling me to go for Masseters Botox, he said 2 sittings will be required, at first sitting he would inject 100 units of Botox at each... READ MORE

Does Botox Concentration Vary from Doctor to Doctor?

I read that Botox is purchased by doctors in a powder form. And that the Botox is diluted such that one doctor may give lower concentration botox then... READ MORE

How Many Units of Botox is Needed for Entire Eye Area?

I have been considering botox for my eye area. I have crows feet and other tiny lines around that area. I wondered how many units would be needed? READ MORE

My Botox keeps wearing off after 5 weeks. What could cause this?

I have had botox 2 times the first time 20 units and it wore off I want back for a touch up but it didn't last. The 2nd time I had 40 units and I saw... READ MORE

What Do Doctors Do with the Remaining Botox when They Only Use 10-15 Units from a 50 Unit "Single-unit" Vial of Botox?

Curious how it works when you get only say 10-20 units of botox, what happens to the rest of the product they did not use on you? Can it be reused... READ MORE

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