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One Brow Higher Than the Other After Botox

I had 40 units of botox injected into my forehead and crows feet (and I think she said she was raising brows too). I am 9 days out and one brow is... READ MORE

Horribly Crooked Smile from Botox Nefertiti Lift

I have this relatively new procedure called Botox Nefertiti Lift performed 12 days ago by a cosmetic physician, and it has lead to a crooked smile. A... READ MORE

Will Uneven Botox Results Get Better?

I had Botox 3 weeks ago in between my eyebrows. I was told this would help give my eyes a little lift, since I don't have bad scowl lines in between... READ MORE

Uneven Eyebrows After Botox?

2 weeks ago I received 44units of Botox in my forehead,glabella & the sides of my eyes and notice that now my RIGHT eyebrow raises higher than the... READ MORE

Smiling Looks Odd After Botox In Chin, Will It Subside?

I posted a question about bumps after chin botox a few wks ago.The problem resolved in a few days, and yesterday my Dr. indicated that there was still... READ MORE

Uneven Eyebrows 3 Days After Botox Injection. What Should I Do?

I recently received Botox for the first time (3 days ago). I received 35 units in the II area between my eyebrows and in my forehead. I am starting to... READ MORE

I Have Uneven Eyebrows, Will Botox Fix This? (photo)

I have uneven eyebrows, although when I smile, they even out. (Why is that??) I had to have stitches above my right eyebrow when I was younger and... READ MORE

Sunken, Heavy Eyes and Uneven Eyebrow Arch After Botox in Glabella

Hi, After Having Botox in Forehead I Developed a Lump Above Eyebrow, I went back to injector who suggested having glabella area treated. Two days... READ MORE

Jawline Botox Gone Wrong? (photo)

I recently went to a doctor to get jawline Botox. One side of my jaw muscle was bigger than the other so the doctor put more injections in. He then... READ MORE

Can Botox Fix my Uneven Eyebrows? (photo)

I have slightly uneven eyebrows since i was 12. i REALLY hate it. its my biggest insecurity. i dont want to get surgery so i was wondering can maybe... READ MORE

My Right Eyebrow Raises Unintentionaly Specially when I Meet New People or when Im Nervous? (photo)

I noticed while in college that my right eyebrow raises unintentionally, specially around new people and sometimes randomly. I can control my left... READ MORE

Botox That Left There Upper Lip Lift Up More???

I had botox for crows feet, now my upper lip is uneven, not sure if the left side of my lip is lifting up more, or my right side is sagging??? has... READ MORE

Uneven Eyes 2 Days Post-Botox

Botox Newbie, Second Day and I Am Nervous About Results. I had 60 units of botox injected in my forehead two days ago and I have noticed my right eye... READ MORE

Eye Smaller and Different Shape when I Smile After Botox? (photo)

The dr gave me 49 units on masetter muscle and my eyes is swelling uptil now which is the second week. Whenever I smile or smile big my left eye is... READ MORE

Will Botox Help Even out my Eyebrows and Eyes? (photo)

I'm only 20 years old but my face is slightly uneven and it really bothers me. Do you think botox can help even out my face? READ MORE

Botox Vs Surgery? (photo)

I have battled bulimia for the past five years.Also, For the past year and a half It has not been uncommon for me to go through an entire pack of... READ MORE

Uneven Results on Forehead with Botox?

Had botox two weeks ago to my forehead in between brows and to my crows feet. The botox appears to have worked more on one side than the other and... READ MORE

Botox for Pebble Chin Made One Side of my Mouth Lower and Chin Frozen

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon for botox but a day after the injections my mouth looked weird. I initially went for just my forehead but... READ MORE

Had Botox/Filler Injections Yesterday, Hit my Left Cheek/Nose by Accident, Nose Now Seem Lower on Left Side Nostril? (photo)

I had filler and botox injections yesterday and accidentally hit my nose/cheek on left side a few hrs later. This afternoon I freaked out when... READ MORE

My upper lip is slightly uneven from one side, what can I do to fix it? (photo)

The border of my upper lip is slightly more up from one side than the other ...so what can i do to get it fixed..and i do prefer non surgical methods READ MORE

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