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Cost and Number of Treatments for Botox in Underarms?

How much does Botox for the underarms cost? How many treatments are usually needed? READ MORE

Will Botox for Hyperhidrosis Cause Me to Sweat More in Other Areas?

If I get Botox for underarm sweating, will my body compensate by sweating more from other areas? READ MORE

Estimated Cost of Botox for Underarms and Forehead?

My doctor is charging me $1,900 to get my forehead and my underarms Botoxed. I want to get both the frown lines and the sweating off of my forehead,... READ MORE

Can A person Get Botox To their Underarms If Also Having Laser Hair Removal Done?

The person hasn't started laser hair removal on my underarms YET, but am wondering if these two treatments can be done at the same time or if the... READ MORE

Does Botox Have Hormones or Cortisone?

I am considering Botox for excessive underarm sweating. Does it have any hormones or cortisone? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Wax or Epilate my Underarms After Having Botox Injections?

I had Botox injections for he first time on my underarms and it works wonderfully! But I usually epilate. Is it ok to continue to do so after... READ MORE

Botox for Underarms: Substitute for Deodorant?

Sounds stupid and crazy.. But I don't have hyperhydrosis I just want to use Botox so I won't have to apply deodorant everyday. Bad idea? Would this... READ MORE

Does the underarm Botox cause breast cancer?!

It is a concern for me since my sister got breast cancer so there is high tendency that I would get it READ MORE

Can a 15 year old get Botox injections for under arm sweating?

I think I have Hyperhidrosis and none of the antiperspirants or medications my doctor has prescribed work for me. READ MORE

Can you gain weight from 100 units of Botox injected into your underarms?

I went from 125-145, I'm not sure if this is just from starting college but it was such a fast onset it makes me concerned, there are a few articles... READ MORE

Is There Any Chance That the Botox Has Spread Outside my Axilla? Is It Toxic?

I've had underarm botox a week ago. and experienced changes in my vision 7days after the treatment. how would i know if botox has spread to other... READ MORE

1 Unit of Botox 2.5 Months Ago for Underarms. Is It Safe to Use 1 Unit This Soon After?

I had 1 unit of botox between the two armpits. I have an appointment in less then twenty four hours to have another unit done. Which is great it works... READ MORE

Can botox in the armpit really eliminate odor?

I am suffering from underarm odor for almost 7 years. It is really embarassing.. I can't smell myself but when I see reactions of people I interact... READ MORE

Is it possible to have violent skin tingling on my body as a side effect from underarms Botox injections to treat Hyperhidrosis?

3 weeks ago, I had Botox injections on underarms to treat my extreme sweating. Since 2 weeks, I am having violent skin tingling mainly on forearms,... READ MORE

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