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Is my Eye Twitching Caused by Botox?

Hi I had my touch up botox yesterday just to the eyes and today I have an annoying twitch to my right eye. I have read the forum here that botox... READ MORE

Can Botox Help Eye Twitches and Would Insurance Cover It?

My right eye twitches and closes hard sometimes during the day. When I sleep the muscles are always tense. I rub it during the day to make it stop.... READ MORE

Can Facial Twitching Be Treated with Botox?

Have you or one of your colleagues treated facial twitching with botox? After gamma knife tx. on a noncancerous tumor on the cover of my brain, one... READ MORE

Nose Twitching After Botox

I had my first Botox injections last Friday, March 27, 200. Today, Tuesday, March 31, 2009, I woke up and my nose is twitching! I can see and feel it.... READ MORE


I received botox between the brows 6 days ago.  I did have a cold & took Zyrtec, Sudafed, Robitussin and Advil the morning of. A few hours... READ MORE

Twitching on My Left Cheek; Is Botox the Solution?

Have a Twiching Every 1 Minute on my Left Cheecks Which I Am Unable to Feel. Will Botox Provide a Remedy. If Yes, How READ MORE

I Have Had a Constant Twitch in my Left Eye. I'm Having Botox To Treat It But Will It Make My Eyes Uneven?

I have had a constant twitch in my left eye that's been very annoying for over 1 year thankfully I'm having Botox next week to correct it but... READ MORE

Can Corticosteroid Be Injected into a Hyperactive Undereye Muscle for Muscle Twitch? What About Botox?

Can corticosteroid be injected into a hyperactive undereye muscle twitch? What about Botox? I am looking for a permanent solution to a permanent problem. READ MORE

Botox for Flickering Eyelid Has Caused Vision Problems- Options?

Two weeks ago I had some botox to cure a mild case of myokymia (very slight eye twitch that had lasted for about five years). Although my eye has... READ MORE

Twitching in Buttock?

Hello, for some months i have been experiencing strong twiching in my buttock, it is very unpleasant and i don't know what to do against this. I heard... READ MORE

Cosmetic Botox almost killed me. It happens and it's real. Stop with the generic answers bc you're making $ off of botox!

Day 41 since I was injected with botox and diagnosed with botulism! My heart keeps flipping into irregular rhythms. Makes my chest hurt so badly and... READ MORE

Is there a population of ALS patients that have received Botox prior to dx? Link suspected?

Fearful of Botox; ALS in family I am in my 40's and am curious to know if I am safe to receive Botox injections for cosmetic purposes? My father has... READ MORE

Eye twitching after Botox. (Photo)

I received Botox back in October 2015 in my forehead and glabella. It was a total of 30 units. Afterwards my right eye would twitch consistently every... READ MORE

Does Botox help with Bell's palsy? Can it line up my face and stop my eye from twitching?

Hello I have been bullied all my life and was wondering if botox can help line up my face and take away the twitching in my eye thank you READ MORE

After I had Botox, I had pins and needles in my hands and feet then went on to have finger/hand twitching and leg twitching.

Could the botox of caused this. I normally have dysport but the injector kind of insisted that I have botox (Ive had botox a couple of times before... READ MORE

What treatment for hemifacial spasm that causes upper lip to twitch up and left eye to wink uncontrollably?

Age is 73. Damaged from upper Invisalign tray. Botox treatment around eye and one to left sideburn area caused face to droop objectionably.... READ MORE

Hemifacial spasm vs ? (Photo)

I've been diagnosed with hemifacial spasm however only my cheek muscle flexes when I blink. I've been treated with botox but doesn't last long and I... READ MORE

Is muscle twitching after 2 months of botox normal?

I had nefertiti botox 50 units injected in my jaw line and a bit above to create sharp cheecks look. Now I'm feeling some twitching in my chin which... READ MORE

Did Botox around eyes effects brain efficiency or hair growth?

I had my second botox around eyes a month ago but my hairs started thinning since i had the first one i had my blood test done for thyroid and... READ MORE

Can u get giant cell arteritis from whiplash. I also had Botox in temporal arteries to stop eye twitching from a MVA

I've been suffering for 3 years. I have been misdiagnosed. they think it's giant cell or drove this could it be from a car accidents READ MORE

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