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How Long Does Eyelid Droop After Botox Last?

Had botox treatment and 3rd day after noticed right eyelid droop. Droop has become progressively worse now 1 wk post and using lipodine drops without... READ MORE

I Had Undereye Botox 5 Months Ago and Still Have Have Horrendous Fat Pouches Under my Eyes.

I have returned to the cosmetic surgeon twice and he said that it would go in time. I look like I have two black eyes, minus the bruising! I went to... READ MORE

Will Botox for Jawline Lift Also Treat Bruxism?

Will Botox for Jawline Lift Also Treat Bruxism? READ MORE

What Happens when Botox is Injected in the Upper Cheek Area?

I had my regular crows feet botox done yesterday by a different technician than usual. Usually I have three injections around the outer corner of my... READ MORE

Is There a Treatment for Excessive Sweating of the Forehead?

I've used Certain Dry which helps some. I sweat excessively on my forehead. My sweat runs down into my eyes. I'm constantly wearing a sweat band. READ MORE

Is it safe to do high frequency after Botox? (photos)

I often do high frequency & oxygen treatments on my face at the spa. I do this every 2-3 days. I'm wondering if it's safe to do high frequency after... READ MORE

How many treatments of Botox for permanent result?

How many jaw reduction Botox treatments do I have to do to get a permanent result (and I mean the most permanent, I know Botox isn't permanent but if... READ MORE

Unable to get Botox, Dysport, Xeomin. Interested in freezing treatments.

I need to clarify that apparently I have developed anti bodies to all: Botox, Dysport, Xeomin.  Every time i see a doctor I hear the same... READ MORE

Best FIRST time treatment for horizontal forehead lines?

I am wanting Botox or dysport for the lines on forehead but after reading about the problems it causes the eye and brows well I want to know what is... READ MORE

Why can I still frown 1 week after 35 units of Botox in the galbella? I have been having these treatments for a year.

I have had 35 units of botox in my galbella muscles (1 week ago) and I can still frown. The muscles are definitely weakened but if I try I can still... READ MORE

Will face fill out again after 3rd masseter botox treatment? I'm a 26 year old female w/ bruxism.

In July 2015, I had my first injection of 25 units total. In October 2015, I had another 28 units total. I only noticed VERY subtle jaw slimming... READ MORE

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