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How Long Does Botox Remain in Your Body? I'm Getting Contradicting Answers.

I want to know why everyone is giving contradicting information on how botox works. Some plastic surgeons say that Botox leaves the body within 2 days... READ MORE

Can Any of the Botox Get into my Bloodstream and Cause Harm to my Nerves That I May Not Know About?

More and more articles appear that have been written by scientists and medical doctors which claim the toxin spreads throughout the body causing nerve... READ MORE

How long are botox toxins in your body? Do they diminish at once, or gradually over time?

Do botox toxins leave within a few days and the results last for months or do the toxins also last for months? If so, do they diminish at once or is... READ MORE

Since toxin exposure is a possible cause of Parkinsons (PD), does using Botox Cosmetic increase the chances of developing PD?

Parkinsons (PD) runs in my family, so I have a slightly increased chance of getting it. Credible medical sites suggest increased exposure to certain... READ MORE

Are there doctors who researched safety concerns of 36,000 adverse events about botulism from Botox and decided NOT to see?

Considering Allergan is the main financial sponsor of the "peer-reviewed" articles, I would think the discerning doctor would consider those "facts"... READ MORE

Botox & Groupon, legal?

I've read the comments from MD's on this subject. Injecting a toxin does take skill and practice. Both RN/MD can learn to inject and become... READ MORE

First time user resistant to botulinum toxins?

5 weeks ago I tried for the first time Botox 20 Units in 11's, 2 weeks later, no result. Went to different doc, 20 units in 11's, still no result... READ MORE

Is there a specific toxicology test that will detect neuro-toxins (Botox presumably) two weeks after exposure? (Photo)

Two weeks ago I was unwillingly exposed to a substance I now believe to be the neuro-toxin Botox. I understand that Botox is localized to the area of... READ MORE

Botox anxiety-best alternatives

Hi! I'm healthy, happy, mid 30s, and never been medicated or had a history of anxiety or any mental issue. I've had Botox 6 or 7 times over the past 6... READ MORE

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