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Botox Under Lips to Fix Smoker's Wrinkles Caused "Frog Face." Can This Be Fixed?

I had Botox above and below my lips, plus Juvaderm, to smooth out smokers wrinkles. Now my lower face, below my bottm lip, is sagging and I look like... READ MORE

Botox in Upper Part and Fillers on Lower Part of Face?

I am 42 and have had Botox 4 years ago with a good result, but now I hate looking at my wrinkles. I need my brows, crows feet, smile lines, and my top... READ MORE

i have a very thin top lip that disappears when I smile. What's the best procedure to make it look thicker?

I have had some botox to relax the muscle so it appears less gummy but would like a more prodomanent top lip is there a way of pushing it down to make... READ MORE

Botox for Orbicularis Oris Muscle?

Can Botox be used for the orbicularis oris muscle? That particular muscle is too built up on my face and gives me a masculine appeal. I attached a... READ MORE

Botox is Not Helping my Blepharospasm?

I have been diagnosed with Blepharospasm Dystonia. I had botox injections in September which we not helpfull, the spasms continued and my toplip was... READ MORE

Do I have hyperactivity of the orbicularis oris? Will botox/dysport fix my hidden top dry lip? (Photo)

When I press down above my lip, more of my 'dry' lip is visible & i would love this to be permanent. Ive had juviderm b4 but this gave me a trout... READ MORE

When I smile my neck muscles are prominent, is this due to the botox?

Botox on my chin ruined my smile. very lopsided. I also notice when I smile my neck muscles are prominent, is this due to the botox? Two cords stick... READ MORE

Had Botox and Restylane 6 days ago. Should I put ice on it?

Top lip badly bruised, left side. Right eye is swollen, looks like fluid, worried, should I put ice on it, or go back to doctor. Waste of money? READ MORE

Had lip fillers yesterday and also Botox to relax top lip. Not happy with result. What can I do? (Photo)

She said when I smiled my top lip disappeared so that is why she suggested Botox to relax muscles & keep the lip when I smiled. But as you can see in... READ MORE

I had an overjaw and it was corrected. It left me with a very square jaw although isn't a problem my teeth are so small! (Photo)

I have a small mouth but my teeth are barly visable, once more I have quite chubby cheek area near my jaw ? As seen is pictures.. Iwas thinking... READ MORE

Is it true that getting Botox on the top lip 2 weeks before lip fillers will make your lips look full & not so much trout pout?

Hi, I have had lip fillers injected twice now, but have noticed the results only remain for a very short amount of time.  READ MORE

I am allergic to eggs, what are the alternatives to botox?

My area of concern are my forehead and the fine wrinkles above my top lip. I have tried wrinkle cream for 12 years, with no luck, and am attracted to... READ MORE

Which is the better to use: Botox or filler? I have very little top lip and would like it done along with eye wrinkles.

I have very little top lip an qiute bad eye wrinkles I am 47 years old and I need something I would appreciate just knowing my safest choice I live in... READ MORE

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