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Will Botox Tighten Double Chin?

I have a double chin, not horrible, but at 40 years old with no other wrinkles. I would like to know if Botox is an effective treatment to tighten this. READ MORE

Botox for Face Tightening?

I had very deep acne scars, but I had a few laser treatments to treat them and they have been diminished to a point where you can barely seem them. My... READ MORE

Chin Tightens and Locks Involuntarily After Botox

I tried botox in my chin for severe dimpling. Was happy afterwards but now 4 weeks later, it locks up into a cramp on its own for 5 minutes at a time.... READ MORE

Can Botox be used to tighten lose neck muscles. Turkey neck?? I have been told this is done in Europe .

Pletismyoplasty?( surgical neck tightening) very expensive. Can Botox be done and effective? READ MORE

Would Botox help the look of my neck while I save for a neck lift? (photos)

I do plan on getting a neck lift as I have loose skin from weight loss, however, the bands really stand out. Could getting them tightened improve the... READ MORE

Mixing Botox and RF skin tightening?

I am currently having a course of facial skin tightening, I am going on holiday soon so also want to have Botox on my forehead and round my eyes to... READ MORE

NuFace electric facial pulser: ok to use with Botox and fillers, or no? (Photo)

With devices like NuFace that use electric pulses to (somehow) tighten the face, how does that affect Botox or fillers like Voluma? (Does it?) ...can... READ MORE

Will Botox in the nasolabial fold help with synkenisis from facial paralysis?

Every time I close my eye my mouth tightens up in that area. I am currently doing facial physio therapy in hopes that I can train it away, but I'm... READ MORE

Botox to tighten up the neck muscle and other areas?

I would love to know is there a way to tighten up the neck muscle with Botox and help out with lines around the mouth Thanks Katt READ MORE

Treatment for lax skin under chin? Age 20 (Photo)

Hello! Not sure what this is called or what is wrong, but within the year I've developed a looseness under my chin that cause the look of jowls and... READ MORE

Wrinkles loose fat around mouth 28 years old. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have recently noticed signs of aging around my mouth. My skin is still tight everywhere else and no signs of wrinkling. I do not smoke. I did lose... READ MORE

Did she inject my Botox wrong?

Had botox 2-3x for glabella, last time 4 years ago. Saw someone new yesterday and she injected differently and I dont see/feel the same results that I... READ MORE

7 days post Botox of my forehead (looks ok so far) I cannot seem to stop tightening my scalp which pulls it forward. Why?

22 units in forehead. My 5th tx in 3 yrs. I noticed after 4th treatment my tension headaches were gone! I mostly got this tx because they're back. My... READ MORE

Can botox be used for buttocks tightening?

Can botox be used for buttocks tightening? I have noticed that when I tighten the skin on buttocks then cellulite disappears. READ MORE

What do you recommend for my bad neck problem? (Photo)

I have just turned 53 and noticed this happening to my neck in just over a year!! I have an asthethic dr who say's that I am not ready for surgery.... READ MORE

Do I need eyelid lift or brow lift? Or would Botox work? (Photos)

I'm 35 and I don't want to look older. I am afraid of eyelids lift surgery because I don't want my eyes too look groovey all I want... READ MORE

Why after I had Botox injected at my Glabella and forehead does it tighten at my Glabella after I massage my head?

I had 12 units injected at my forehead and 18 units injected at my Glablla. Two weeks later I could see some results on my forehead, but not as much... READ MORE

Bad Botox on forehead, when will my eyes go back to normal?

I did ulthera, Botox on forehead. On day 6, my nose shape became sharper and nose implant became obvious (I did rhinoplasty before). My eye shape... READ MORE

Can commissures of the mouth be tightened and made closer to have a narrower mouth as a result of the surgery in adults?

I have a big lips, gummy smile and wide smile (width) I know that botox will correct my gummy smile but still I will have a wide smile that might... READ MORE

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