Thin Lips + Botox

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Average Number of Injections for Botox in Thin Lips?

Is there a way to get Botox injections for a natural look in thin lips without having oversized lips making it obvious that you've had injections?  READ MORE

Can Botox Be Used to Treat Assymetry in Upper Lips?

I had thin lips which I've recently had subtly plumped with juvaderm. I love the effect. It's not too much and it's smooth, no lumps. The only thing... READ MORE

What are your views on young people getting Lip Injections? I'm 16 and really want this done. (photo)

My lips are incredibly thin and are mostly to blame for my low self esteem. I have suffered emotional issues for over 2 years due to- what my family... READ MORE

How can achieve desired results on my lips? (photos)

My lips are narrow, thin, and "beakish". The middle of my upper lip overlaps the lower lip and the outer vermilion borders aren't very full. Please... READ MORE

Would Botox and lip fillers be best for a gummy smile with thin, uneven lips? Can they be done at the same time? (photos)

My lips are much too thin and uneven for my liking and I've got a slight gummy smile. I've heard of fillers for plumping and Botox for gummy smile.... READ MORE

Would lip injections work for a non-surgical lip lift? (Photos)

Had Restylane Silk about 5 months ago in and around lips to fill wrinkles and add volume and was hoping for a bit of an upper lip "lift". Now volume... READ MORE

7 Months later there is still paralysis after botox injection. Nerve damage?

I have been getting botox for 8 years. I have never had any bad results until last November. I have been getting injections around the mouth for 4... READ MORE

Hate my smile, just had Botox near nostrils to fix thin lip. What now? (Photo)

Smile was uneven to begin with - doctor put Botox near nostrils to stop thin lip disappearing now I have completely uneven smile and not sure to get... READ MORE

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