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Can Botox Create a Thinner-looking Face?

I've heard that Botox can also be injected on the chewing muscles in the mouth to help to create a thinner-looking face. Is this true? READ MORE

Side Effects from Botox for Under Eye Wrinkles?

Does Botox cause thinning of the skin or a reduction in collagen over time? I am considering it for under eye wrinkles. READ MORE

Botox for a Thinner Nose

Skin on my nose is thick. Can botox somehow makes my nose look thinner? Can it be used on my tip to make it look less round? READ MORE

Masseter Botox or buccal fat removal? (photos)

I am a tall thin mother of two children, and I will be turning thirty soon. I noticed sometime after 25 I started to dislike my face in photographs.... READ MORE

Can Botox thin my temples?

My cheek and temple area are wide and 'thick' after a facelift 12 years ago...the muscle/area bulge. I've read the masseter will shrink w/botox. Can I... READ MORE

Is Botox safe/effective to eliminate platysmal bands on a healthy & thin 32 year old in the hands of a competent doctor? (Photo)

I am 32 years old and for the last 4 years have noticed this unsightly platysmal band on my neck whenever I smile, laugh, eat, caugh, speak, etc. it... READ MORE

Which muscle in the mouth can be affected if Botox was injected on anterior dilator naris?

If Botox were injected on anterior dilator naris which muscle can be effected on mouth area as the smile changed "the upper lip looks thinner when... READ MORE

I had botox to help my nose but now my lip is thinner. What is going on?

I wanted to get Botox to stop my nose from drooping when I smile. I noticed After 7 days my upper lip is thinner .. Is this going to fade away within... READ MORE

5 units of Botox in the left masseter and my face is completely asymmetrical: When I will get my face back?

Good day, I got 5units of Botox straight in the masseter 12 weeks ago only in my left masseter to make it more symmetrical, my face got thin and jowly... READ MORE

When will I get my facial contours back after masseter Botox ?

Good day panel, I have received 5 units of Botox 12 weeks ago only in my left masseter to make my face more symmetrical and to remove some bulkiness.... READ MORE

Which is the best solution to my make my face look thinner?

I have a square face.Hypertrophic masseter muscle and a strong jawline which gives me a male kind of apperance.I also have protruded forehead edges... READ MORE

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