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Swollen Eyelids After Botox. Is This Temporary?

I Had Botox Three Days Ago. My Eyelids Are Quite Swollen. Is This Temporary? READ MORE

I had botox treatment. Are the dents in my forehead temporary?

After Botox treatment i noticed two vertical dents in my forehead. will they disappear after the botox has worn off? READ MORE

Is Botox jaw line reduction only temporary?

Say I want to get a jawline reduction using Botox. Is the result only temporary and if botox is not used continuously, will my jaw muscles grow back... READ MORE

Very Confused! Please Comment the Opinion I Got and Advise? Nasal Labial Folds. (photo)

After your helpful answers I visited a plastic surgeon for an examination.He said it is my bone structure and if I put volume in the cheek it may look... READ MORE

Botox as a temporary canthopexy? (photo)

I would really like to have a canthopexy surgery done to acheive a more almond shaped eye. At this time I do not have the time to take off for... READ MORE

Three days after my first glabella botox. The botox kicked in soon, maybe too soon? (photo)

I'm a little worried, because it's the 3rd day, and it seems to be working on me with a strong effect. I discovered this morning a tiny little... READ MORE

Can't smile after Botox in my TMJ for pain. Are there any temporary solutions? (Photo)

He hit my smile muscles by mistake and now my smile covers my top teeth. I can barely lift my cheeks. Is there any temporary solutions for this for... READ MORE

What you think of my facial asymmetry? How to fix it? don’t want surgery, only orthodontic work and/or temporary Botox/fillers.

This face asymmetry really bothering me. The right side is “bigger” (my favourite), higher eye bow, no droopy eyelid, higher cheekbone, normal nos... READ MORE

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