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Botox for jaw reduction

Hi iv just had botox to reduce the size of my jaw muscle . Today I have bad tooth pain which I think is a tooth infection. Is it okay to have... READ MORE

Can botox treatment of forehead affect teeth? Maybe jaw?

She recieved a treatment of 20 units Allergan Botox to forehead and 5 units to each crow's feet at edge of eyes given 6 days ago. READ MORE

Chipmunk Cheeks - botox or buccal lipectomy? (photos)

I would really appreciate your professional advice about my lower part of face. I'm not sure if my Chipmunk cheeks are from fat or the fact I have... READ MORE

Botox for teeth grinding?

Hi doctors, I have developed an awful teeth grinding problem (tmjd) that has put my life on hold. I cannot go to the gym, play sports or even eat a... READ MORE

Can I inject Botox to my gum to close spaces in between my teeth? (Photo)

I have space in my bottom tooth ,and my doctor told me that I can inject Botox to my gum will help to close the Space is that something that will work... READ MORE

Had lip fillers yesterday and also Botox to relax top lip. Not happy with result. What can I do? (Photo)

She said when I smiled my top lip disappeared so that is why she suggested Botox to relax muscles & keep the lip when I smiled. But as you can see in... READ MORE

Will Botox help my jaw relax while I'm asleep and stop the grinding that's damaging my teeth?

My doctor suggested botox because I'm grinding my teeth so badly in my sleep that I've cracked a molar in 2 places and now have to get a crown. Will... READ MORE

What are those? Is that the masseteur? Botox teeth grinding. (photo)

Hello everyone, I would like to have my face slimmed down, recently in the last few months my face grew wider, even if my weight it's the same. I had... READ MORE

I had an overjaw and it was corrected. It left me with a very square jaw although isn't a problem my teeth are so small! (Photo)

I have a small mouth but my teeth are barly visable, once more I have quite chubby cheek area near my jaw ? As seen is pictures.. Iwas thinking... READ MORE

19 years old and I have a very "lop sided smile". How should I go about treating this? (photo)

How do I go about getting this fixed?? orthodontist? or Botox (I understand Botox wont last though!) I have provided photos below. thank you very much... READ MORE

I have grinded my teeth since 2012 but my doctors only prescribe me ibuprofen and muscle relaxers which barely help at all.

The thing is, the grinding gets worse and worse over time. My jaw will eventually need alignment surgery and my bite has already changed. I know many... READ MORE

Will botox work on my chin? (Photos)

I had Rhinoplasty some years ago. Nothing was done to my chin. However after surgery months after I noticed my chin became more prominent. I'm not... READ MORE

I got botox for tmj/teeth grinding. I have the urge to clench more than ever. Normal?

I got botox 9 days ago in the masseter region, 20 units each side, but now I feel like clenching throughout the day. I dont but its there! So I tend... READ MORE

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