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What is a Botox Lift or Botox Brow Lift?

I thought that Botox could make your face sag more, so how is a Botox Lift even possible? How does a Botox Brow lift work? READ MORE

Botox Injected Right?

I have injections in the muscles themselves and injection holes in the wrinkle itself. Also, he gave me 3 forhead injections for wrinkles but just put... READ MORE

Using 25 Units Max In The Glabella, What Are The Best Spots For Botox Injection?

I would like to know excatly where best for injections of botox for glabella only region, no forehead. Would they be slightly different when forehead... READ MORE

Should Botox Be Administered While You Are Lying Down or Sitting Upright?

I've had 2 different doctors administer Botox. One indicates it is not acceptable to give the injections to a patient that is lying down. The... READ MORE

Botox with Juvederm

I recently purchased a promotion of 20 units of botox & a syringe of juvederm from a plastic surgeon in chevy chase Md. I have moderate crows feet... READ MORE

Botox for mentalis strain and its adverse effect (Photo)

Because I have slightly protruded teeth, weak lips and a smallish chin, I experience MS when I bring my lips together. My dermatologist suggested just... READ MORE

Headache and Flu Symptoms After Botox

I had 12.5 units of Botox and the injector pushed too hard on my head! This is not the first time I have had botox and could feel her technique was... READ MORE

Are There Different Techniques when It Comes to Injecting Botox? And is There Any Reason It May Have Worked Before but Not Now?

I have had injections in my forehead and glabella by 2 very qualified plastic surgeons, the first was a facial specialist, the 2nd (current doctor) a... READ MORE

How Can Experienced Botox Injector Get It Wrong? Are There That Many Injection Techniques for Same Area?

Had Botox 8 wks ago. Used it 7yrs with PS, always loved results. Decided to try new Dr offering new patients $9 Botox. After researching, He was... READ MORE

Is Peripheral Trigger Therapy by Botox for Migraines the Same or Different Than What Neurologist Perform?

I had botox injections done by a headache specialist that performs it in the standard FDA approved fashion(in forehead and band-like fashion around... READ MORE

Bad Botox Technique?

I had botox injections 5 times before with a quantity of only 20 units each injection and my results were quick, long-lasting. I saw a new nurse for... READ MORE

My new doctor did approximately 8 very small Botox injections per eye. Is this method OK? (Photo)

My dr only used about 7 units per side because that worked fine with my last treatment (from another dr). However, rather than the usual 3 injections... READ MORE

Botox and juvederm wearing off too quickly?

I am 29 years old, frequently get Botox and juvederm but the effects of both only last about 4 weeks! I usually get 70 units of Botox, which is what... READ MORE

Is Botox making my brows droop because I'm aging or is my doctor's technique at fault? (Photo)

I'm 38 and have been getting Botox in my forehead for the past 8 years, always the same doctor. Till the last year I loved the results. I only need it... READ MORE

Botox technique differs?

First time I had botox In April the trusts were perfect. Although the technician didn't say how many units I had 4 injections in my scalp area, 3... READ MORE

Botox doesn't seem to work for me? (Photos)

I received Botox for the first time 3.5 wks ago. Was given 22 units between my eyebrows. After 2 weeks I had 90% mobility back in that area. Went back... READ MORE

Neither Botox nor Dysport are working for me. Could I be resistant? Or could it be technique? How can I tell?

I began getting Botox at age 26 in intervals of one treatment per every 2 years until I turned 30. I will be 33 in August and I have had Botox and... READ MORE

I had instant results with Botox 15 years ago- does anyone know what that doctor may have done for those results?

I had Botox eliminating the creases in between my eyes. I walked out of the office and the creases were totally gone. The doc didn't seem surprised by... READ MORE

Why is my scalp still irritated 6 mos. later? Did doctor's technique cause this? Is there a nerve problem?

I had 15 "rapid fire" injections of Botox in my neck & scalp for severe muscle spasming & migraine headaches. The injections were painful & the pain... READ MORE

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