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I Had Botox for Synkinesis in my Face and Now my Smile is Crooked. How Can This Be Corrected?

I had 7 units of botox injected into left cheek muscles for synkinesis. Every time i blink my cheek muscles flex. It corrected the problem but left my... READ MORE

Interested in Botox to help with synkinesis in result of onset of Bell's Palsy. Are you familiar with this treatment? (Photo)

I had bell's pasly 2 years ago And developed synkinesis my left eye partially closes when I smile and left side mouth does not retract fully. I've... READ MORE

Mild Facial Synkinesis?

I have mild synkinesis..ever time my left eye blinks my cheek muscle flexes. I have never had bells palsy. This just started happening a couple years... READ MORE

Colleague Recommendations and or Help Finding Facial Surgeon in Florida W/ Experience in Synkinesis and Facial Palsy BOTOX?

I'm 38, and I’ve had Facial Palsy and Synkinesis on the right side of face over 30 years. I'm interested in BOTOX (less invasive) along with Facial P... READ MORE

Can treatment with Botox correct the hyperkinesis and/or synkinesis caused by Bell's Palsey 2 decades ago?

It has certainly hurt my appearance, and I've been self-concious ever since. I wonder if the advances made in the field of Botox treatment have made... READ MORE

Anyone That Does Botox for Synkenisis in San Antonio Texas?

I had bells palsy ten years ago and I have lived with the residual affects. I have tried to just live with it, because trying to do anything about it... READ MORE

I need to know what the best course of action is to treat Synkinesis. A distorted face is emotionally draining? (photos)

6 years ago, while 29 weeks pregnant I woke up with Bell's Palsy causing complete paralysis on the left side of my face. 4months later I regained some... READ MORE

Synkenises due to bells palsy.. can I get more symmetry? (photos)

I've delt with synkenisis since i can remember, i had bells palsy when i was 9 back in 2000. I want the right side of my face to look like my left... READ MORE

Will Botox in the nasolabial fold help with synkenisis from facial paralysis?

Every time I close my eye my mouth tightens up in that area. I am currently doing facial physio therapy in hopes that I can train it away, but I'm... READ MORE

How can I find a doctor in my area who has experience with Botox on Bell's Palsy patients?

I am in Westchester County NY (Fairfield County CT border). I have synkinesis (twitch on chin area when I blink). READ MORE

Botox and synkenisis question. I never had Bells Palsy. What caused this? Unhappy with Botox!

I was diagnosed with sykenisis but never had Bells Palsy. Everytime I blink the corner or my mouth twitches. What causes this? I had botox injections... READ MORE

How do I find a doctor in the Tampa, FL, area who has experience treating synkinesis with Botox?

I have a mild case of synkinesis and am looking for a doctor in the Tampa, FL, area who has experience treating synkinesis with Botox and accepts... READ MORE

Treating synkinesis?

I'm looking for a physician who has experience with treating synkinesis, as well. I'm currently living in the Jackson, MS area and don't mind... READ MORE

Synkinesis, could I try Botox in that muscle to stop the constant blinking?

I have synkinesis and have had serial botox injections. I have done my neck and around my mouth and even my upper lift. They help a lot with the... READ MORE

I have synkinesis.. Will botox be helpfull?

6 year back i had a attack of belly palsy now i am suffering from synkinesis......i am very eye close when i lps drift one side... READ MORE

Where in New England can I go for facial synkinesis treatment (preferably NH)?

Looking for a highly recommended doctor in New England for facial synkinesis. I would like to try botox in my neck to relieve pulling/drooping and... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in the downriver Michigan area (Southgate) that do Botox for bells palsy/synkinesis in general?

I have severe synkinesis and looking for a physician who isexperienced in Botox injections READ MORE

Selective Nuerolysis?

I have read good and bad reviews on this procedure for synkinesis. Can you really cut these nerves or has anyone had any success with it? It makes my... READ MORE

Best Botox injector for synkinesis?

What kind of surgeon or specialist can inject Botox for synkenisis relief (from facial paralysis)? Can any plastic surgeon do it and create a... READ MORE

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