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Allergic Reaction to Botox...When Will the Symptoms Go Away???

I received Botox for the second time for my face and 3 days later was covered in hives, a sunburn like itchy burning rash over my torso, neck, chest... READ MORE

How long will itching and burning persist after cosmetic Botox injections?

I received cosmetic botox injections and there was itching at the injection site immediately and I had a headache for a couple hours. The next day I... READ MORE

Flu-like Symptoms Persisting for 2 Weeks After Botox

I have had severe side effects from botox for 2 weeks now, how long is this likely to last? I had botox injections 2 weeks ago, after 5 days I... READ MORE

When Botox Wears Off, my Nose Starts Running & my Eyes Start Watering. Why?

I have allergies, skin and nasal. I used Botox for wrinkles but have noticed my allergies improve.I can breathe clearly for a few months. I've had... READ MORE

Welts after Botox?

I been getting Botox to my forehead and frown lines for years I had Botox again 7 days ago and this time after injection I noticed the areas of... READ MORE

How long does the blurred vision last after Botox injections?

I had Botox 5 weeks ago. Day 8 started having very bad headaches, blurred vision, dizziness and anxiety. All the symptoms went away,the blurred vision... READ MORE

How can Botox kill you? What can go wrong to make this happen? Give me all possibilities. My life will be changed forever!

ER straight from the doctor’s office following the injection. Admitted to the ICU and hospitalized 14 days. I experience numbness, weakness, d... READ MORE

Is my breastfed baby at risk the entire 3 months that the Botox is supposed to last? What symptoms do I look for in him?

I am a first time mom and my son is 8 months old. Today I stupidly made a spontaneous decision to get Botox on my forehead (24 units to be exact). The... READ MORE

I had Botox for the first time last week and I'm exhibiting some symptoms that scare me, should I be concerned?

I had Botox for the first time last Friday (today is Sunday) and I am exhibiting some symptoms that scare me. My urine is cloudy and my throat hurts... READ MORE

Can I get botox 2 weeks after my labiaplasty?

I recently had a labiaplasty and will be seeing my surgeon in Toronto for a 2 week post op. Since I will be in Toronto I made an appointment fot some... READ MORE

Can Botox cause severe Flu like symtoms?

I got my injs last Thursday. By that night, I had the worst sore throat, water eyes, and runny nose ever. Went to my family practice Dr and got 2... READ MORE

If you develop a reaction to Botox or fillers, when will symptoms become present?

Will symptoms of a reaction immediately appear to could it take days to weeks? READ MORE

Flu like symptoms and ears syringed after botox - why?

I've had botox 3times in the past year and following each injection, my ears would block up less than a week later. I have had them syringed 3times in... READ MORE

Botox and side effects

Had 22 units of Botox in my forehead three weeks ago. I've had a cough and very hoarse to sometimes laryngitis since. I have no other symptoms, as in... READ MORE

I have had red, swollen, weepy eyes for 2 months along with frontal headaches.

I have been receiving Botox for 10+ years with great results. Two months ago I went to a different doctor out of convenience. The forehead injections... READ MORE

Can I do Botox and fillers if I suffer from allergies and asthma?

I suffer from nasal congestion and asthma and am trying to wean myself off of antihistamines and inhalers. I am now taking many herbs and supplements... READ MORE

Can Botox in masseter cause TMD?

I started getting Botox injections to the masseter a few years ago, and I have been had problems with my jaw since then. I noticed the symptoms when... READ MORE

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