Symmetry + Botox

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How do most doctors usually handle patients who need to return for symmetry issues or additional units after Botox? (photos)

#1. How do you handle the financial portion of patients who come back to your office 2 weeks after their botox treatment and either need more units,... READ MORE

Will Botox improve symmetry on my face? (photos)

I'm 24 years old and have struggled with asymmetrical face my whole life. When I lay down and take a picture, my face looks amazing and perfect (I'm... READ MORE

Does Botox help with Bell's palsy? Can it line up my face and stop my eye from twitching?

Hello I have been bullied all my life and was wondering if botox can help line up my face and take away the twitching in my eye thank you READ MORE

What combination of filler/botox do I need to look less tired and achieve better facial symmetry? (Photo)

I am a 25yo F. 1) I always look tired because of my dark under-eye circles and 2) R side of my face is thinner than my left, esp in cheek and jowls.... READ MORE

What should I do to improve facial symmetry and jawline problems? (Photo)

My self esteem has really started to crumble and I need to know what to do. My left jaw is more defined than my other, and my right side of my face... READ MORE

Synkenises due to bells palsy.. can I get more symmetry? (photos)

I've delt with synkenisis since i can remember, i had bells palsy when i was 9 back in 2000. I want the right side of my face to look like my left... READ MORE

My left eye is getting smaller. Will Botox help this? What could be causing this? (photo)

I had upper and lower eyelid surgery in 2004 for fat bags under eyes and low lids. I don't want surgery again. The results aren't permanent anyway.... READ MORE

What can I do to restore better symmetry of my eyes? (photos)

My eye seems to be dropping down my face & that eyebrow also seems higher. My whole eye shape is changing, the eye socket seems to have hollowed... READ MORE

How can I achieve more symmetry in my face? (Photo)

The right side of my face is raised higher up then the right, specifically the lip and nose. Would botox on my right side be able to help? Or perhaps... READ MORE

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