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Can Botox Treat Facial Sweating?

I understand Botox can be effective in treating hyperhidrosis for underarms and palms. But can it be injected to treat facial sweating? My entire face... READ MORE

Is There Possible for Any Side Effects from Botox Injections (In the Armpits) Which Have Been Applied 1 Year Ago?

It's been more than 1 year since I've been administrated 12 botox injections in the armpits 6 to each. I recenly started to have severe... READ MORE

How Much Does Botox to the Feet to Stop Sweating Cost?

How much does botox to the feet to stop sweating cost? And where should I go to get it done? A podiatrist or plastic surgeon? How long will it last? READ MORE

Botox for Sweating on One's Face and Head?

Is there any special instructions for Botox injections for sweating? READ MORE

Will Botox for Facial Hyperhidrosis Have the Same Muscle Relaxing Effect As It Does when Used for Wrinkles?

I have an appointment to get it done as my sweating is excessive, but as I'm only 21 it's a bit early to start paralysing my face. READ MORE

Botox Injection Under my Armpits.. BUT Now Am Sweating?

I had botox injection under my armpits about two months ago and tried to avoid waxing their as much as possible .. 3 days ago I've noticed sweat... READ MORE

Does Botox in the hairline treat anything other then reducing how much you sweat at that site?

I have gotten Botox about 5 times over the last several years for lines on the forehead, between the brows and crows feet. The last two times I got... READ MORE

Botox for Underarms: Substitute for Deodorant?

Sounds stupid and crazy.. But I don't have hyperhydrosis I just want to use Botox so I won't have to apply deodorant everyday. Bad idea? Would this... READ MORE

Botox Didn't Work For Underarm Sweating?

I had a botox injection in my armpit and after 4 days it worked amazing and sweating stopped 90% ... but after 2 weeks the effect stopped and the... READ MORE

How long does it take to see Botox effects for palm sweating? How long for full effect? Can I have a 100% sweat free handshake?

I got 50 units of Botox injected in each palm sweating 5 days ago. I am not sure if i am seeing the results yet. Doc said it takes 7 days to see... READ MORE

Can a 15 year old get Botox injections for under arm sweating?

I think I have Hyperhidrosis and none of the antiperspirants or medications my doctor has prescribed work for me. READ MORE

Is it normal to have compensatory sweating in the groin after Botox injections to the hands?

I am a 21 year old female who recieved Botox injections for my hands in early June. I ended up going back two more times after my first Botox... READ MORE

I have severe cranial/facial sweating and it's ruining my life. Is Botox in the scalp my only solution? (Photo)

I'm only 32 years old and this condition has absolutely wrecked my self confidence. I don't have any other medical conditions so I believe this is... READ MORE

Sweating from outside heat after botox. Will this affect my results? (Photo)

I was taking something out of the oven about 3 hours after Botox. So I was exposed to the oven heat for about 2-3 secs. Will this affect Botox? Also,... READ MORE

Botox Injections Under Arms to Stop Sweating and No Results?

Hello i've had botox injections under my arm or armpits to stop sweating and the doctor told me that the results will appear within a week or so and... READ MORE

Does the Botox come out while I sweat?

I'm already starting to feel my eyebrows being heavy . I'm scared as I'm flying within 2 days and the botox doctor won't be around this week . Does... READ MORE

Sweat pours down my face, wets my hair and runs my make up. Can Botox injections stop this?

Sweat pours down my face wets my hair runs my make up. Can Botox injections stop this? It is sooo embarrassing! READ MORE

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