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Cataracts Surgery and Botox

I have a scheduled cataracts surgery in 2 weeks , but I alsohave a class reunion in 4 weeks and I want botox to smooth my lines before then . Can I... READ MORE

Can You Have Botox if You Had Cross-eyed Surgery?

Can You Have Botox if You Had Cross-eyed Surgery? READ MORE

Had Mitral & Aortic Mechanically Valve Replaced Due to Bacterial Endocarditis. Botox & Juvederm Ok?

Over 3 months ago I underwent mitral & aortic mechanically valve replaced surgery due to bacterial endocarditis. Can I get Botox & Juvederm... READ MORE

Can I apply Botox before belpharoblasty (eyelid surgery)?

I have an appointment for surgery on December 22 nd and want to inject Botox on december 13 th, is it ok or not? READ MORE

Botox For Muscles Affected By Brain Surgery on Side of Face? (photo)

Back in 1994 I had brain surgery that affected the muscles on one side of my face. I have heard that Botox can help with the asymmetry of my face.... READ MORE

Can Botox or Surgery fix a horizontal line between top of nose and forehead? (photos)

Hi all, hope you can help. Ever since I became a teenager I developed what appears to be a permanent frown where I forehead meets my nose. It's as if... READ MORE

1 Month Post Botox on Forehead: Is it Safe to Have a Tummy Tuck Next Month?

I put Botox in my forehead like month go, but i will have a tummy tuck next month is that safe? READ MORE

How much lift can I expect from a botox brow lift?

I am 20 years old and would love a brow lift. I've read a lot of reviews from doctors that say someone so young should refrain from a surgical brow... READ MORE

What can I do about the deep crease at the top of my nose?

I have a deep crease at the top of my nose between the eyes. I have had 2 rounds of Botox and a filler. Will it just take time? After 6 months it... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Lips. Could Botox or some surgery cure this? (Photo)

My lips are not symmetrical. When I talk or smile or whatever one side seems to pull down whilst the other doesn't. I've had this since birth but... READ MORE

Can I get Botox to help with droopy brow/eyelid or must I seek for surgery? (photo)

Hi- Could I benefit from Botox to help with brow and eyelid lifting? I'm not sure if my right muscle has weakened over the years, (I'm 31), but I have... READ MORE

Is it safe to do Botox injections around the same time as my Carpal Tunnel surgery?

Botox injections scheduled in 2 weeks. May have Carpal Tunnel surgery during those 2 weeks. Is it safe to do both in that time?I have Dystonia... READ MORE

How Soon After Botox Can I Have Surgery to Remove Corrogators?

I have had a botox injection to fix my elevens, and have scheduled a procedure to remove the corrogators. How soon after the botox injection can I... READ MORE

My right eyelid appears to be dramatically more droopy than the left, is this something Botox can fix or do I need surgery? (Pho

I've suffered from migraines and allergies almost my entire life, and I've read that both of those things can cause a droopy eyelid. I'm 28 years old... READ MORE

Could I get facial fillers and Botox before I go get minor surgery for an uneven lip line due to an accident?

I have an appointment for fillers for the hollowness under my eyes and Botox to bring up my eyebrows a little bit. I have this scheduled first then I... READ MORE

What surgery/Botox/facial liposuction needs to be done to achieve this? (Photo)

Over the last 3 years my face has progressively changed in appearance. I have been diagnosed with high levels supportive of acromegaly. Here I have... READ MORE

What's is the best treatment for the wrinkles on my upper cheeks when I smile? (Photos)

What's is the best treatment for the wrinkles on my upper cheeks when I smile? Surgery? Botox? Filler? Laser? Something else? READ MORE

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