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How to Minimize Rectangular/square Face or Strong Jaw Bone?

Hi I have a very strong jaw bone, they make my face look square/rectangle. They are so strong that it makes me look hollow in the cheek. are there... READ MORE

Long Face - Can Botox Make It a Little Bit Round or Square?

My face has always been long but it wasnt that long before. I think its because of gaining and loosing weight thro the years. When i smile it looks... READ MORE

Is jawline slimming using botox temporary?

HELP! I have a square face due to thick jaw muscle . Can the effect of few sessions of botox injections last forever or do i need to continue taking... READ MORE

Will botox benefit my TMJ disorder and also reduce the jaw bone appearance (not the jawline)? (Photo)

I have a very defined jawbone (not jawline) and it is extremely noticeable . The front angle of my face looks somewhat squared and the side view looks... READ MORE

Botox 40 Units and Jaw Looks Wider and Growth of New Jaw Muscles

Hi its been 2 months since i've had 40 units of botox for square jaw reduction. Results after the first month were bad. Right cheek and muscles had... READ MORE

Is Botox a good option for square jaw on an 18 year old? (Photo)

I hate my jaw line. I hate my chin. I have a prominent forehead which makes it even worse. My nose is workable but I just cannot deal with my jaw. Up... READ MORE

Do I suffer from Masseter Hypertrophy? Can Botox relax my jaw muscles? (Photo)

I just want a smaller v shaped line. I have a weird square jaw. Would like some information with regards on what I should do READ MORE

What can I do to change the shape of my face? (photos)

I have a diamond shape face. I don't like the shape of my face. I wish if I could have a square shape. I don't know if it's my jawline or my chin.... READ MORE

Jawline softening - I want to try change my jawline. (photos)

I always had a sqaure face and recently i was ill and lost alot off weight which resulted in my face looking more oval which i loved Since i put a few... READ MORE

Questions on face shape, mainly jawline.

Hi, I am really self conscious about my face shape I have this box face shape more like square I used to be having the habit of chewing gum for the... READ MORE

Are multiple sessions of Botox injections needed for slimming the masseter muscle before results are noticeable?

8 months ago I had 40 units of Botox injected into my masseter muscles (20 each side) in hopes to slim my square jawline. This was my first Botox... READ MORE

Botox for Chin Dimples and Squareness? (Photo)

Would a small amount of Botox reduce/eliminate the squareness that happens to my chin when I smile fully? When I'm being very conscious I can... READ MORE

Large chewing muscles. What do to?

I think thru chewing gum I've made my the chewing muscle on my face bigger and now my face is more sqaure then I like. I don't have a large face or... READ MORE

Need to get the right information about Botox for square jaw reduction.

I am Asian, 5'3" tall, 112 lbs. I feel my face seems square (in different angles), so I am thinking to have a jaw reduction. I live in MN, and I am... READ MORE

Which one is better Botox or Fillers?

Hi , I'm 23 years old and lost a lot of my weight and my face skin drop specially my mouth i have sad lips , my cheek are drop a little , before my... READ MORE

Can I get Botox in my masseters while undergoing Invisalign treatment?

I'm halfway through my course of Invisalign to straighten my teeth and am really interested to get Botox for my masseters to reduce my square jawline... READ MORE

What can I do to minimise my square jaw? Would Botox in the masseter benefit my face? (Photo)

I've noticed lately my jaw is looking very long and flat and uneven from the front of my face and I'm wondering how I could minimise/fix this as I... READ MORE

How to make square, flat face appear rounder and fix uneven smile? (Photos)

What would be the best route to take to make my square, flat face appear rounder and fuller? I've read about botox to the jawline (botox masseters) to... READ MORE

I had an overjaw and it was corrected. It left me with a very square jaw although isn't a problem my teeth are so small! (Photo)

I have a small mouth but my teeth are barly visable, once more I have quite chubby cheek area near my jaw ? As seen is pictures.. Iwas thinking... READ MORE

Follow-up question to scar caused by Botox. Any suggestions? (photos)

Left a ? A few days ago. To be more clear. I can't go back to surgeon as I have moved out of state. It is clear they compromised a vessel, it was v.... READ MORE

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