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What do Botox injections in lips do?

I realize that Botox isn't a filler but I have heard of some people getting Botox injected into the lips. Can this provide an overall smoother lip?... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Botox for jaw muscles? (photos)

Hello, I'm not sure how to explain this, but I feel like the lower part of my face is too wide. If you look at my picture, the cheekbones stick out... READ MORE

Botox didn't work on 1/2 of my forehead. Is this normal?

I have been having botox regularly done for the past 5 years. Usually my forehead is very easy to treat but 1/2 of my forehead is not 'taking' the... READ MORE

I'm 47 years old and I want to smooth my wrinkles. Am I a candidate for Botox? (photos)

I would like to know what I need to get done. I dont want a facelift, I want to smooth my wrinkles. An estimate of what I should get done. These... READ MORE

What happened to my chin? Botox gone bad! (photos)

I recently had Botox in my chin and platysma bands and now I have the strangest shaped chin! It was very average before, the doctor said it would help... READ MORE

I just had Botox injected into my forehead last night. My forehead still has wrinkles. Is this normal?

I just had botex injected into my forhead last night, it seems to me that it did not work at all. My forhead still has the same wrinkles that it did... READ MORE

Can I Receive Botox in the Area Above the Lateral Brow to Smooth It Out?

15 days ago I received 10 units of botox to my forehead in the area between my pupils, 20 units to my 11s, 6 units bilaterally in 3 injections to... READ MORE

Cost of Botox in New Orleans? (photos)

I would like to get Botox to prevent wrinkles and smooth my face. Can someone tell me what the cost would be? I'm attaching a pic below with the areas... READ MORE

Why does Botox make my skin appear smoother?

I have noticed that when I get injections of botox (along the horizontal lines of the forehead and the 11's), that the skin on my forehead appears... READ MORE

Will botox help this?? (photo)

I wanted to get botox for my forehead but the Plastic Surgeon said that it will not help as the wrinkles are like engraved. He said that it will not... READ MORE

Will Botox help my forehead lines? (Photos)

I have the worst forehead lines but I'm only 29. So I was thinking Botox, but I wanted to know if Botox will help smooth out my forehead & if so... READ MORE

Botox or fat injection for under eyes?

I want to smooth out the look under my eyes and I'm not sure if i should do botox or fat injection please help, the picture to the right is untouch... READ MORE

Super Crows Feet, why am I not seeing any results? (Photo)

I still have the crows feet on sides & above upper lids. I can see other women with the same amount of crows feet all smoothed out after botox.... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: What Can I Do About This Terrible Forehead? (photos)

Reposting this with b4 and after pics. I received Botox for the 2nd time within 2 years. I went to a different dr. this time than the first time which... READ MORE

Botox was ineffective on my "11s" but fillers smoothed them out. Can I just get fillers without Botox first?

My dermatologist advise me to get Botox and then fillers a month later for my DEEP between th brows 11s. The Botox was basically an effective and got... READ MORE

Would Botox help smooth indentations in forehead muscles? (photos)

I don't have many wrinkles- still relatively young for Botox. But what bothers me is that I have an indentation developing between my forehead muscles... READ MORE

How to smooth out crepey skin under the eyes? Are Botox/fillers the answer? (photos)

I had tear duct fillers done and she only did a small line close to the Center of my eye, I noticed the same treatment being done on a video shared on... READ MORE

Would Botox help smooth out this bit of skin I have at the side of my eye? (photos)

Would botox smooth out my skin? My second pic is literally me showing a gentle touch moves the skin to a smooth look. READ MORE


My 1st visits were great. All the areas that were injected were smooth in days. Now I see a huge difference. It is so disillusioning. When asking this... READ MORE

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