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Is jawline slimming using botox temporary?

HELP! I have a square face due to thick jaw muscle . Can the effect of few sessions of botox injections last forever or do i need to continue taking... READ MORE

Will Botox give me a sharp jawline and slim defined cheekbones?? (photos)

I want slim cheekbones and a defined jawline im a female but i want a jawline and cheekbones like these pictures and i was wondering if it was possible?? READ MORE

Will Botox on my jawline help slim a round face? Would botox work w/ some kind of chin filler to correct convex profile? (photo)

I'm thinking about getting botox or something on my jawline to slim my round face, and a chin filler to help fix and convex side profile. I don't... READ MORE

I plan to have botox in my masseter to slim the face as well as a course of skin tightening. Which should I have first?

What treatment should I have first? The botox followed by a course of RF or the other way round? READ MORE

Zygoma reduction or more Botox? Face looks masculine due to lower face. (photos)

Hi! About 4 months ago I received the Botox treatment for my jaw, approx 20 units per side. I noticed that my face did slim a little but not very... READ MORE

Can Botox be used to slim the neck?

I notice that naturally slim people have slender neck and rib cage. Now I reckon that the rib cage is impossible to change, but can something be done... READ MORE

Can v-line masseter Botox injections help slim the jaw in the case of an overjet bite? (photos)

I've researched the surgery for overjet bite to correct my profile and it terrifies me, but my jaw line and chin make me look very masculine. My jaw... READ MORE

Looking for ways to reduce arm and shoulder muscles by surgery or botox. I don't exercise and have no excess fat tissue.

I am a young slim female, with disproportionately big and heavy arm and shoulder muscles. I DON'T EXERCISE AND NEVER DID. The visual effect is... READ MORE

I had 50 units of botox with no result. My face is bulky and chubby. How much unit/time to get a slim face. (photos)

My face is so chuby n bulky i did not get satisfied result in 50 unit of how many tyms nd how much units should i take to get completely... READ MORE

I was wondering if getting botox in my jaw would help slim down my jawline slightly? (photo)

My cheeks have always been chubby but my jawline is the thing that bothers me. My face isn't completely round since my chin is slightly pointy. My... READ MORE

I'm a Chinese 32 Years Old Male, 1 Month PO, If I Get More Will Face Look Slimmer?

First time I had my Botox.  According to doc, the dilution is 1bottle 100units = 4cc. Which mean 1cc = 25units. Is this dilution normal? I had... READ MORE

Botox slims the face?

You can have the appearance of a slimmer face with Botox??! From injecting the massters muscles??? Really? Would this cause sagging in other areas?... READ MORE

Botox ruined my skin and cheek muscle, is there a fix for this? (Photos)

I injected Botox on each side of my jaw to make it seem slimmer.However the injector injected me at the wrong spot and somehow my skin system and... READ MORE

How can a surgeon tell if botox for masseter will help?

How can a surgeon tell if botox for masseter will make a jaw slimmer, more feminine, and more attractive? I would like to avoid permanent jaw... READ MORE

Jaw Botox made me have no jaw! Face is too slim, looks like my chin goes into neck

I had dysport in the left side of my jaw as was larger and squarer than my right due to bad grinding habit, after 2 times it matched my right side... READ MORE

Can Botox slim my temples, to make cheek bone look bigger? (Photos)

I want to have less of an egg shaped face. I feel like my temples are very wide. I want my cheekbones to look fuller and stick out more. I know you... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Jaw reduction using Botox? (photo)

I was thinking to have botox to reduce and slim my face. Am I a good candidate and would that procedure cause any drop in my jowls? I am 41 years old.... READ MORE

Jaw botox, thread lift or face lipo for defined and slimmer face? What are the difference between the 3 procedure? (photo)

I had jaw botox before but I am not so sure about the result. One doctor said that I should have face liposuction for defined jawline. I need more... READ MORE

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