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Botox for Poor Skin Texture from Pores, Oil, and Scars?

I've heard that you can get intradermal Botox specifically to refine the look of oily, open pored, and bad textured skin. Is this true? Or is this a... READ MORE

Botox to Tighten Skin?

I hear that Botox is used to tighten skin. Does this work well? Thank you. READ MORE

Side Effects from Botox for Under Eye Wrinkles?

Does Botox cause thinning of the skin or a reduction in collagen over time? I am considering it for under eye wrinkles. READ MORE

Botox for Sagging Chin?

I have sagging in my chin area. If I do Botox, will it help me? Thank you for your help. READ MORE

Does Position Matter For Botox Injection?

I've seen it advertised to have patients lie in the Trendelenburg position while administering Botox. Supposedly the blood flowing to the face... READ MORE

25 yrs old. Crows feet and droopy eyelids! Why is this happening and what can I do to fix and prevent? (photo)

My skin has deteriorated rapidly within the last 6 months. I don't know what is going on, and I'm kinda freaking out. My main areas that I am noticing... READ MORE

Wrinkles for face such as on the jaw, on whole face. Do I get facelift or try Botox first?

 I'm 68 yrs old. I'm planning on getting face work. Should I have dermal a abrasive or skin resurfacing first, get Botox to firm up or facelift? READ MORE

Botox to forehead 3 days after upper blepharoplasty (skin removal only), safe or can it cause overtightness to the eyelids?

I would like to perform Botox to my forehead, mainly for the frown lines, but I'm wondering if some Botox is applied above the brows, particularly the... READ MORE

If I take a strong herbal formula of pau de arco and oil of oregano 48 hours after Botox for benefits, would it affect my botox?

I took a pau de arco and oil of oregano herbal tincture two days after botox to treat a skin infection naturally, I noticed my botox never took effect... READ MORE

Can botox move?

I did my botox at anesthesiologist's office 2 month ago.when my eyebrows dropped and skin was hanging above my eyes i was upset enough.but 3 weeks ago... READ MORE

Should I Botox non permanent lines? (Photos)

I have abused my skin throughout my life. I'm 32 and have been a smoker since the age of 15, I don't take good care of my skin have a high sugar diet... READ MORE

How many units of botox do I need to get rid of my orange peel skin and do I have a week jaw.

I hate that when I have my mouth close it makes it look like I'm frowing. Very awkward READ MORE

My Botox and fillers have worn off. My skin is white and patchy at the top of my eyebrows. Is this normal?

Am glad I had the experience, but wont be doing it again. I have noticed that at the top of my eyebrows my skin is white and patchy, as if there is... READ MORE

11 days post Botox: developed high, "Spock" brows. I went back for more to lower the brows, I've got hooded lids, what do I do?

I told the injector I had a history of Botox brow drop, so he injected my 11's and high on my forehead only. By 2 days later, I had the "Spock" brows.... READ MORE

Would Botox help smooth out this bit of skin I have at the side of my eye? (photos)

Would botox smooth out my skin? My second pic is literally me showing a gentle touch moves the skin to a smooth look. READ MORE

Will Botox subdue these neck muscles? Age 38. (photos)

Slender build. My hair and skin have always been finer/thinner than I would like, so bones and muscles can be prominent. The muscles/tendons at the... READ MORE

Why does the skin above my eyebrows look puffy when I raise them 10 days after Botox? (photos)

I had 20 units of Botox injected 10 days ago. 11 units in the upper forehead (my forehead is small) and 9 between my brows. When I raise my eyebrows,... READ MORE

Had the skin removed from my eyelids and it does look better, but it started to sag. Any suggestions?

I had the skin removed from my eyelids and it does look better. However now it seems the skin from under the brow to the eyelid is starting to sag. I... READ MORE

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