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Am I Allergic to Botox?

I've had botox in my jawline 3 days ago. The first 24hrs after the shots, I couldn't get out of bed. Severe flu-like symptoms such as weakness,... READ MORE

Side of my face looks like I had a stroke - Botox or bell's palsy?

I had a botox and lip filler nearly 4 weeks ago, my left had side of my face has started to look like a stroke, the doctor tinks its bells porsey, BUT... READ MORE

Sagging/bulge side of chin/ corners of mouth. Can Botox help with this weird sagging? (Photo)

Hi I am 28 years, I'm lucky in that I still have fullness in my checks and my skin is relatively good. However recently I started noticing slight... READ MORE

Where is the correct location for Botox injections of a pebble or peau' orange chin? (photo)

The doctor injected 10 units & placed it on the sides of my pebble chin (see below). I felt this was off. Its been a week now and I notice no... READ MORE

Can botox spread to your vital organs? Is 45 units a lot for your first time? (photos)

I've had a consultation and booked my appointment for next week. It's my first time having botox and it's been recommended I have 45 units for the... READ MORE

24 hours after Botox: Lump on chin only when mouth closed. Not enough Botox used? (photos)

My dentist administer Botox to my chin, sides of my mouth, and upper lip in order to ease muscle strain. This A.M. I noticed the lump appearing. A... READ MORE

Side of my face is numb from Botox in forehead, minor paralysis in left side of my face

I have the same question as some of the ladies who had Botox done. I had same results As some of them. I had Botox in my forehead and 1 side of my... READ MORE

What is the best way to fix my nose flare without surgery? Or is that the only option? (photos)

I was wondering if Botox administered to the sides of my nose would decrease my nose flare. I'm also interested in getting filler to smooth out the... READ MORE

What can be done to make my smile more even - Botox? (photos)

One side pulls more than the other. Would botox make my smile even? READ MORE

Asymmetrical smile after Botox and fillers? (photos)

I had Botox in my chin and juvaderm in my lips a year ago. Ever since then my mouth has been asymmetrical with more of a gap and when I talk it goes... READ MORE

Why do I always bruise in the same spots with any injection? (Photo)

On the left side of my mouth and laugh line area whether I get filler or Botox I always have a bruise for about two weeks. Botox on the left side of... READ MORE

Narrow face with Botox?

What areas can botox/relaxer be injected? Can either of them be injected at the sides of the face to relax muscle and create a narrowing affect? Are... READ MORE

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