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Will Masseter Muscles Shrink over Time, if I Don't Use Them a Lot?

I was chewing a lot of gum the past year, and as a result, my masseter muscles got rather large, making my face look even rounder than it was. I've... READ MORE

Can Botox Shrink/Refine my Nose?

Would botox be able to give more definition to my nose around the area above both nostrils, giving the nose a less triangular look. READ MORE

Can Botox spread?

So I really want to get jaw Botox to shrink and reshape my jaw I have seen great results. However I'm scared Botox can spread is that possible? What... READ MORE

MY calve hurts for 5 days ongoing , after being injected with botox to shrink the muscles, should I be worried?

I went to have both my calves injected with botox to shrink the muscle. 1 calve started hurting, not the same day or the next day, but like 2 or 3... READ MORE

Can Botox make your temples more narrow and make the temple bones smaller?

I'm a female and I have a wide forehead and temples and I know there's alternatives like hairs transplant and hairline lowering. However, can I use... READ MORE

How much does masseter muscle shrink depending on botox unit administration for masseter reduction?

Hi. I would like to know how much shrinkage the masseter muscle will undergo when, say, 5 units of botox is administered to the masseter muscle for... READ MORE

Can a maxillofacial surgeon with the use of Botox to shrink muscles on a wide jaw of a person's face?

If so, how long does one application last? What is the cost of each application? READ MORE

How to fix an enlarged eyebrow caused by muscle? I am a 30 y/o male. (photos)

It is causing a small dent and my forehead to look horrible and asymetrical. I have gone to 3 suregons who have recommended and adminstered botox... READ MORE

I have bruising next to my eye after botox injections. Can it harm or damage my eyes?

I had botox a while a year ago. the doctor injected a little near my eyes so my right eye was bruised for a few days now after a year I feel that my... READ MORE

Obvious rightside jawline masseter movement. Obvious asymmetry when I chew; what is happening?

I had botox 2 days ago on the masseter jawline. I think by the 2nd day i should not feel any masseter movement anymore but this doesnt seem to be the... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in the South Jersey/ Edison/ New York area willing to perform Jaw Botox? (photos)

Hello, I am looking for a doctor to perform my Jaw Botox. I have high cheekbones and a very round, wide and fairly square shaped face. (The shape is... READ MORE

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