Shingles + Botox

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Will Botox Help Nerve Damage in Face from Shingles?

I've had nerve damage and PAIN for three years from shingles in left side of face. Would Botox help the pain ? READ MORE

Do you question that correlation between Botox and Shingles?

I had Botox injections 4 times over a 2 year period.  Each time I contacted shingles.  3 Times on the one side of the forehead and one time... READ MORE

Can Botox injections help with itching after a shingles?

I got the shingles in Sept. of 2013 . I do not have residual pain, but have severe itchting along the nerve that runs from my eyebrow back to the... READ MORE

Is it possible that after getting the Botox shots, it could cause shingles?

A year ago I went in to have Botox shots due to migraines, three days later I had shingles on my back and waist. Four months later I went back in and... READ MORE

Could having (past and future) Botox injections bring on a shingles outbreak?

I have just recovered from a bout with the illness in the uppermost area (head, forehead and eye) and mid-section (cheek down to my upper lip/teeth)... READ MORE

Does Botox injections work for Shingles pain?

My wife had shingles on her lower back about 3 years ago. The pain is still acute after this time. The pain is in her right leg and has been treated... READ MORE

Can DBS or a Cingulotomy Be Done for Chronic PHN Pain from Shingles?

I previously asked about Botox being done on the head, scalp or neck of my mother but I was unaware that she already tried that & it too failed.... READ MORE

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