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Can Botox Change the Shape of my Eyes?

I am 40 and just had botox in my forehead and crows feet (26 units). It has been one week since treatment and I look "different." Seems where my inner... READ MORE

Can Botox change the shape of my eyes? And how can I get rid of the puffiness in my inner eyelid?

I got Botox for the first time for my crows feet back in Feb 2014 and loved the effect. I returned 3 weeks ago on June 18th to get another dose the... READ MORE

Can Botox Be Used to Change the Shape of my Eyes?

One eye is perfectly almond shaped and the other is slightly larger and too round. I want both to appear almond shaped. Can botox and/or fillers help... READ MORE

What Treatments Do I Need to Get a Heart Shaped Face? (photo)

I have is a thick lower face . Please tell me what treatment is suitable to avhieve my heart shaped face again. Thankyou  READ MORE

Can botox make your eyes go from round-like to a cat eye look?

Can botox make yes become more squinted, but not in wrinkle way but cat eye way. How far can botox make an eyebrow arch? READ MORE

Can Botox Make my Eyes More Feline?

I would like to lift the outer corners of my eyebrows to make my eyes more almond shaped. Can boox do this and if so what are the best positions... READ MORE

What caused this odd shape of my cheeks and eyes after Botox to my forehead? Did something go wrong? Can this be fixed? (Photo)

Please help! I desperately need advice. Did something go wrong or were the injections placed in the wrong area for my face? My cheeks are distorted... READ MORE

Can botox relieve TMJ and change face shape?

I had botox injected into both sides of my jaw a week ago and today I have a bit of a double chin and my jaw line seems less pronounced. Am I seeing... READ MORE

Eye shape after Botox. (photo)

I know it's time for Botox when I wake up with a crease in between my eyes. 3 weeks ago I got Botox from a place I have gone to for several years. My... READ MORE

What happened to my chin? Botox gone bad! (photos)

I recently had Botox in my chin and platysma bands and now I have the strangest shaped chin! It was very average before, the doctor said it would help... READ MORE

What could be the reasons for my face getting rounder and rounder like a moon? What can I do to get it smaller? Surgery? (Photo)

Over the last year my face has gotten more and more round and full. Wich has left me with no facialstructure and very masculine. I have a problem with... READ MORE

Is There A Non Surgical Way to Achieve a V-Shaped Face Available in California?

I read that some doctors are now able to achieve a V-Shaped Face for their clients by using Venus freeze , Botox and Fillers Treatments. Does any... READ MORE

Can I change my lip shape for one to another? (photo)

My lips are in the top photos the lips that I want are on the bottom, I want to know if it's even possible to do and what the cost would be READ MORE

Botox to chin causing weird changes in mouth movement & lip shape - 5 units in the bottom left & right edges of chin (10 total).

Approx 2 weeks ago, DBCPS said injecting in this area would help alleviate my tendency to unwittingly make this odd sort of "frownie face" I catch... READ MORE

Can Botox be used to lift my eyebrows? Or are they too severe? (Photo)

I like the shape of my eyebrows! But I am very unhappy with wear they sit on my face. In my opinion they are extremlely low. I don't have hooded eyes... READ MORE

Botox in the jawline. Does this cause further sagging of skin?

I have some mild sacking around the jawline area and nasolabial fold. My doctor recommended that I think about having Botox to reduce the Masseter... READ MORE

Do I need more Botox to fix this unnatural brow shape? Or best to wait? (Photo)

I had botox on crows feet,glabellar&upper forehead last week. We wanted to keep some movement to be able to move my eyebrows.i naturally have low... READ MORE

How often does Botox need to be administered to reduce the masseter muscles for face shaping?

I had 20 units on each side two weeks ago. I don't see a change yet. I have a follow up appointment in another two weeks. I've heard that often times... READ MORE

Will my neck muscles recover to normal shape after treatment with Botox for one year? (Photo)

In 2014, after working a few years as a bus driver, I started to have pain in the neck, back, shoulders. A neurolog decided to try botox, he said I... READ MORE

I Have Recently Read That Botox Can Help Change the Appearance of Your Nose. Is This True? (photo)

Since I am mostly concerned with my downward nasal tip (and somewhat the width of my nose in proportion to eyes and mouth), I am wondering if botox... READ MORE

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