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Botox for Poor Skin Texture from Pores, Oil, and Scars?

I've heard that you can get intradermal Botox specifically to refine the look of oily, open pored, and bad textured skin. Is this true? Or is this a... READ MORE

Would Botox Help Indented Scar in Between Eyebrows?

Its a straight line but has a dent Many thanks READ MORE

Eyebrow Lift with Botox

I heard you can have an eyebrow lift using botox. However, I have a medium sized scar on 1 of them. Curious which side of the eyebrow they inject.... READ MORE

Botox for Relaxing Scar Tension?

Will Botox help relax the tension from a healing raised horizontal scar in the small hollow at the base of my neck, where the Fraxel Repair laser... READ MORE

Excision and Botox for Hypertrophic Cheek Scar?

I have a small, linear hypertrophic scar on my cheek. It blends in well and it's small, but it bothers me a lot still. I have brown skin, 24 years... READ MORE

Botox to minimize forehead scar? (Photo)

A couple years ago, I split my forehead open about 2.5 inches long about two inches above my eyebrow. Stupidly I trusted my dad to pull out the... READ MORE

Small Amount of Botox to Flatten Facial Scar and when Should I Have Waited to Pluck my Eyebrows? (photo)

On Thursday I had a small amount of botox injected either side of a indented facial scar that sits right above my eyebrow, going up my lower forehead... READ MORE

Possible Allegic Reaction to Botox?

I had Botox on Friday, 29th. With it, I also had Scar removal on my chin and the dr froze off some blemishes. Come Sat morning, I looked hideous. My... READ MORE

Will Botox Help with Tightness in Forehead after Temporal Lobectomy?

Had a craniotomy (temporal lobectomy for refractory epilepsy and a brain tumor) over 3.5 years ago, and have had terrible tightness/squeezing across... READ MORE

Botox or fillers for horizontal line between eyebrows? (photos)

I'm almost thirty and I lost a lot of weight a few years ago and my face has some loose skin now. it doesn't bother me too much except I have this... READ MORE

Botox for Bad Scarring?

Can Botox be used for facial wounds that scar badly? How will it work? READ MORE

Botox for forehead and 11's. (photo)

I'm 32 and have some lines on my forehead and one between my eyes. I'm wondering if Botox could help these. Sometimes I feel like they're not that... READ MORE

How many touch ups does it usually take to get the full results of botox for 11's?

I'm only 25 without scars from them yet:)I had my first botox injections on my frown lines on Dec 12. Had a touch up on the 26th (2 weeks after) and... READ MORE

Why don't doctors want to inject Botox into my chin?

I have dimpling in my chin from a scarred mentalis. I have seen 2 plastic surgeons and they told me to wait before injecting any botox. Why? READ MORE

Best solution for my gummy smile? Gingevectomy? Botox? (photos)

Aside from the obvious cosmetic and aesthetic benefits to this, I am also concerned for my gum health due to their constant exposure. I have already... READ MORE

What are these lines called & how can it be treated? Also how much & how many fillers or Botox would be needed?

I'm only 20years old. I have a scar on the right size of my face right by my mouth which intensifies the lines. READ MORE

What would be the best treatment for my deep craters? (Photos)

I have had some laser treatment in the past, which I almost feel has made my scars worse! When I pull the skin up the scar disappears almost... READ MORE

I have deep lines (nasolabial) and would like them filled. Should I use fillers or Botox?

I'm 23 and have terrible skin and scar pretty easily. I have deep folds between my eyes and from the sides of my nose (which is pretty large,... READ MORE

Follow-up question to scar caused by Botox. Any suggestions? (photos)

Left a ? A few days ago. To be more clear. I can't go back to surgeon as I have moved out of state. It is clear they compromised a vessel, it was v.... READ MORE

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