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How Do You Treat Same-day Mildly Swollen Bruising from BOTOX?

It's been 5 hours and i have mildly swollen bruising on my forehead and between my eyes at injection sites. is it best for skin to treat the... READ MORE

Rapid Heartbeat, Anxiety and Tightness in Chest After Botox Injection, Is this Normal?

I have had two sessions of in the forehead region and the other for excessive sweating in the armpits. Both sessions resulted in rapid... READ MORE

Can I damage my Botox, muscles or face by bumping my head about four and half hours after injection?

About four and half hours after Botox injection, I bumped my head on the dresser decently hard -directly at the injection site. Will there be side... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for crows feet?

Is it true Botox and fillers should be used together for crows feet? If so, are they used together on the same day? Which filler is best used with the... READ MORE

Eyelid feels heavy but doesn't look it. Is it inevitable that my lids are doing to droop?

Hello, i just got Botox literally 3 hours ago and my right eyelid feels a little heavy. I can still raise my brows with no problem and they don't look... READ MORE

Nose swelling after botox. How long will it take to improve?

I had botox today. 4 hours later my nose started to swell. 8 hours later it looks doubled, like broken. I am devastated and have no idea what to do.... READ MORE

Burning eyes 9 hours post botox injection in between brows. Will my vision be affected? Will I have droopy lids?

I just had botox injection between my brows (15 units) administered by a plastic surgeon about 9 hours ago and my eyes are burning. I am freaking out... READ MORE

I had Botox 8 hours ago in frown lines & in the middle of my forehead, under my eyebrows are a little swollen. Will this reduce?

No Botox was injected above the areas swelled, I read that Botox can make eyes droop, is this possible if there was nothing injected above the swelled... READ MORE

Immediate results? Is this OK?

I got Botox about an hour ago, and my results have been almost immediate. I've been hearing that it takes about 7 days, so I'm actually nervous that... READ MORE

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