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I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant and I Had Botox

Hi there, 1 weeks ago I found out I was 12 weeks pregnant and 2 weeks ago I had botox injections on my face: around eye and forehead. I did not know I... READ MORE

Buying Botox Online Without a Prescription?

I have came across a website selling Botox without prescription. Has anyone bought Botox through the site? Is it safe? READ MORE

Botox While Pregnant: Can it Harm my Child?

Hello! I read about the woman who got Botox five weeks after her last menstrual period. It says that you do not believe that the embryo is damaged.... READ MORE

How is Botox Safe if There Are Warnings About Complications?

I was checking out Botox Prescribing information and the first thing I read is a warning that Botox Cosmetics may spread from the area of injection... READ MORE

Botox Wearing off Quickly?

I had botox a little over a month ago - and it is wearing off! Can I go back to my doctor for a touch-up? READ MORE

Will I Get Permanent Side Effects if I Try Botox Just Once?

Is it possible to try Botox just once or once you start the procedure there will be a permanent effect on the area if you don't keep up with the... READ MORE

Botox Party: Are They Safe?

I’m interested in knowing more about the true risk of Botox parties. Are the risks all that significant that you need a doctor on-hand?... READ MORE

Botox and Potential Dangers of Platysmal Band Injections?

I'm a 45 year old woman considering botox for platysmal bands but very concerned about swallowing/breathing difficulties reported. However... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Botox/fillers During IVF Treatment?

I am currently under going IVF treatment, can you advise if it is possible to have ( Juveaderm and Botox ) whilst undergoing treatment prior to the... READ MORE

Can I Breastfeed After Botox?

I had Botox injected between my brows. I was told it was safe as long as I was not pregnant. After the injections, the doctor realized I have a... READ MORE

How Much Botox is Safe to Use in One Appointment?

I have finally saved up enough money for treatment of my hyperhidosis. I will be getting treatment for my underarms. I am also considering getting my... READ MORE

Botox Cosmetic Use with Long-term Illness or Medical Condition

Are there any illnesses or medical conditions that would make Botox Cosmetic unsafe to use? Is it safe to use Botox if you have a long-term illness... READ MORE

Can I Get Imported Botox Cosmetic for a Lower Cost?

My friend’s doctor offers really cheap Botox. He says it comes from Mexico and it is real Botox, just lower price because it comes from Mexico.... READ MORE

How Safe is Botox?

I've read that in lab studies, traces of Botox have been found in the brains of people who went through the procedure. Is this true, and is Botox... READ MORE

Is Fractional Laser Compatible with Botox?

I applied urbium laser 1 week after botox for forehead and eyes. only 3 weeks later the effect of botox disappeared and wrinkles recurred. is this due... READ MORE

Why Did I End Up in the Emergency Room After Botox Injections?

I experienced horrible visual disturbances after Botox injections.  I ended up in the emergency room.  The doctor injected near my lower... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get a Botox While on Immunosupressants After a Kidney Transplant?

I had a kidney transplant surgery 2 months ago. I'm on immunosuppressants. Is it safe for me to have a botox treatment now or later? Thank you. READ MORE

What Does Botox Packaging Look Like?

How can I avoid fake Botox?  What does the packaging look like? READ MORE

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