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How can I avoid Botox Side Effects?

I read that Botox has some side effects like droopy eyelids. Is Botox safe?  Any tips for making sure my Botox (first time!) has no bad side effects? READ MORE

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant and I Had Botox

Hi there, 1 weeks ago I found out I was 12 weeks pregnant and 2 weeks ago I had botox injections on my face: around eye and forehead. I did not know I... READ MORE

Botox and Breast Feeding Safe?

My dermatologist administered Botox. I'm currently breast feeding and the Dr. assured that it doesn't affect breast feeding. After I came home to my... READ MORE

Scared of Botox For Forehead Lines- What Are The Risks?

Hi, I am 29 and I have horizontal forehead lines on my forehead that make me look older. I would love to have botox but im terrified of it. what are... READ MORE

How Does Botox Dissipate Inside Our Body?

I believed that Botox is toxic. How does our body dispose it.?Does it affect our organ such as liver and kidney? READ MORE

Botox Effect on Pregnancy

I got both Botox and dermal filler before finding out that I was pregnant for 4 weeks. Would this effect the unborn baby? READ MORE

Botox Risky if You Have Bell's Palsy History?

Have a slightly drooping lid and smile/bell's palsy incomplete smile & sliglhtly smaller eye, droopy lid- both residual from bell's palsy. b/c i... READ MORE

I Received Botox the Morning Prior to Conception. What Are the Risks?

I received botox (eyes/forehead) the morning prior to conception. I am now 6 weeks pregnant. What are the risks to my baby? READ MORE

Did I Have Too Much Botox?

I have had Botox several times. I just turned 50 and it has worked well in the past. Two weeks ago, I had the following injections that did not really... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Undergo Major Procedure After Botox?

What are the risks of a procedure under general anesthesia after Botox treatment? READ MORE

Botox and Potential Dangers of Platysmal Band Injections?

I'm a 45 year old woman considering botox for platysmal bands but very concerned about swallowing/breathing difficulties reported. However... READ MORE

Future Pregnancy Risks from Botox and Juvederm?

My husband and I are going to start trying to conceive in approximately 3 weeks. I was thinking of having a small amount of Juvederm and small amount... READ MORE

Will I Get Permanent Side Effects if I Try Botox Just Once?

Is it possible to try Botox just once or once you start the procedure there will be a permanent effect on the area if you don't keep up with the... READ MORE

Can Botox Injected into the Forehead Go Through and Get into the Bloodstream?

I have received botox injections quarterly for several years. Recently, I've not felt right--headachy (never happened before)and feel a little... READ MORE

Is Juverderm and Botox Safe for Patients with Lupus

I am 36 and considering Botox and juverderm, I need to know if this is safe for me....I am not taking any meds for lupus.....I have a mild case....... READ MORE

Risk of Botox Migration in Face

I recently had upper eyelid surgery that included the use of Botox in my forehead. At the same time I had Radiesse injected in nasal folds. Five days... READ MORE

Do I Run the Risk of Eyebrow Drooping if I Have Botox Injected in Glabella?

Im getting married next month and decided do botox in glabella. Ive read that is safer because there is minimal risk of eyebrow drop or any other... READ MORE

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