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Injection to Dissolve Botox?

If Botox is administered incorrectly, like Juvederm, is there something you can inject to counteract the effects and dissolve the Botox? READ MORE

When Botox is Injected in the Upper Lips, is the Result Permanent or Can It Be Reversed?

My smile is crooked, one side goes down farther than the other. Also, I cannot spit or enunciate clearly. Will this go away and if so, when? READ MORE

Unilateral Facial Swelling After 40 Units of Botox in Masseters, Is This Reversable?

A month ago, I had a 2nd treatment of botox to my masseters. I had one 6 months prior, when my Dr. injected 42 units over 2 sessions. This time, I... READ MORE

Can Masseter Botox Results Be Reversed?

Ive Done Masster Thrice in 3yrs .But Feel That the Natural Jawline I Had Was Better. READ MORE

Can an Ozone Sauna Treatment Detox Botox?

I use my friend's ozone sauna for detox treatments. It is used to detox the body and kill pathogens. Since using it, I've noticed my botox did... READ MORE

What is the best treatment to reverse bad Botox in jawline?

I am 39. Two years ago I was treated in jaw with Botox to make this less wide but my jaw ended up sagging. About 1 year ago, I asked my practitioner... READ MORE

Outer eyebrow too arched after Botox? What to do?

I had Botox done 7 days ago for the first time. the outer parts of my eyebrows are more arched making me look harsh, my eye puffy and swollen a bit... READ MORE

MY calve hurts for 5 days ongoing , after being injected with botox to shrink the muscles, should I be worried?

I went to have both my calves injected with botox to shrink the muscle. 1 calve started hurting, not the same day or the next day, but like 2 or 3... READ MORE

Tricks for reducing/reversing too much Botox?

I asked for botox in the glabellar region for my frown lines. The doctor injected the entire forehead and I have a bit of brow droop which is also... READ MORE

Can the side effects of botox injections be reversed?

I have dry eyes which brought on blephraspasm, which brought on meige, which brought on dystonia, causing me great difficulty in speaking, can this be... READ MORE

Possible recovery methods for fake Botox injection? (Photo)

I had Botox injection to slim the jawline a year ago in Korea,but it made my mid face hollow(from area under the cheekbone to jawline),I look thin and... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Have the Pre-botoxed Volume of Masseter(if Ever)?

I had 30 units both sides 9 months ago & I didn't like the result at all! My doc mentioned % 70 of volume will be back.Until now just half of the... READ MORE

My Botox treatment on my feet caused a strong abnormal chemical odour, is this side effect heard of before or reversible?

I had botox treatment on both feet for hyperhydrosis (upper and lower soles). My feet now develop a very strong abnormal chemical odour. Myself and... READ MORE

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