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Botox Resistance - Why Doesn't Botox Work for Me?

I had Botox injections between the brow. The frown line was still present a few weeks later so I returned for another injection. I am starting to... READ MORE

Botox Stopped Working: Resistance?

I've had Botox for frown lines, crows feet, and forehead wrinkles about 6 - 8 times since 2004. I travel a lot so have been to several different... READ MORE

Can You Build a Resistance to Botox?

I have had botox for several years and love it but I am debating on having dysport as I think botox doesnt work as well now - can you build up a... READ MORE

I'm a 47-yer.old Man with Strong Forehead Muscles. I Did Botox Twice, but See Very Little Improvement.. Any Suggestions?

The first time Botox didn't work at all, the second time horizontal wrinkles got softer, but still there, the same as between the eyes. Doctor is... READ MORE

After Several Years of Botox Use Does Your Body Develop a Resistance to the Product? Botox Seems Less Effective with Time.

After Several Years of Botox Use Does Your Body Develop a Resistance to the Product? Botox Seems Less Effective with Time. READ MORE

Botox Resistance After 6 Treatments?

I've had botox to crows feet approx 5 - 6 times with no treatments lasting much beyond 2 months, approx 20 units each time. First results were great,... READ MORE

Botox, Dysport and Xeomine, non work for me. What is an alternative?

I have been getting botox for a couple years for the crows feet area and it always wore off too quickly. I tried Dysport (same thing) and recently I... READ MORE

Botox Resistant?

I've had botox injections for about 5 years now. Crow's feet, bunny wrinkle and upper lip lines. Lately, last 8 mos. or so, I haven't had good results... READ MORE

Botox doesn't work anymore! Is there a way to make it work again?

I have been getting botox, Dysport an Xeomin injections for years and now none of them work! I get a small effect but it does not last long. The... READ MORE

If resistant to Botox, will others work? How long between treatments?

I have been using botox for a few years and loved the results. But the last couple of treatments haven't gotten much results. My practitioner even... READ MORE

I've built up a resistance to Botox over the last 10 yrs, will Botox ever work for me again?

I started having botox about 10-12 yrs ago, the last year has been terrible, I keept going to different places to have botox because it wasnt working,... READ MORE

I did Botox on my entire forehead and there was no change. Can it be that I am resistant to Botox?

I really wanted the #11 to go away, but the doctor insisted that I do the entire forehead. I paid $505.00 for 20 units. A week later I went back... READ MORE

Is Botox resistance a thing?

I've been getting Botox for 2 years. I get 25 units of Botox for small crows feet and for a line caused from frowning across the bridge of my nose.... READ MORE

Neither Botox nor Dysport are working for me. Could I be resistant? Or could it be technique? How can I tell?

I began getting Botox at age 26 in intervals of one treatment per every 2 years until I turned 30. I will be 33 in August and I have had Botox and... READ MORE

Botox, Dysport, Xeomin. Nothing works. Resistent to botulinum?

I used botox, dysport for few years and lately looks like none of those products work for more Than 5weeks. In the beginning I tought was the doctor... READ MORE

Is 65+ units Botox each side of the masseters "too much"? (Photos)

Is 65+ units to EACH SIDE OF THE MASSETERS considered "too much"? I'm needing an increase in Botox (resistance built up after 4 years) and I'm... READ MORE

I am resistant to botox?

I started receiving botox in my glabella 4 years ago. I'm 35. The first time in Chicago, 12 units, and I had great results. Moved to Miami and have... READ MORE

Botox resistance. Is there any hope?

I am in Vancouver, Canada. I tried Botox (Xiomin, etc) many times and it never worked, I did not develop resistance to it, it just never did. Even... READ MORE

Botox Xeomin resistance for chronic tension headaches. Tried different doctors & even 400 units Botox and no effect on me at all

Iwhen I first tried botox it gave me great relief for a month & then 200units it lasted 3 week & my muscles moving around like I never had it. Tried 4... READ MORE

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