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What are the side effects to masseter reduction with Botox, and how long does the swelling last?

I would like to try slimming a square, heavy jawline through Botox injections with either a dermatologist or a surgeon. How many units are considered... READ MORE

How many units of botox do I need to reduce my jawline? (photo)

I really donot want any facial deformity with high dose or no results at all with fewer units. Please tell me wat to ask the doctor on my consultation READ MORE

How Effective is Botox for Changing the Shape and Size of a Nose? (photo)

I spoke with a surgeon today who suggested that surgery wasn't necessary and that if I really wanted botox could be an option to reduce the... READ MORE

Botox for Square Jaw Reduction and Face Seems Distorted Now

Hi i had 40 units botox for square jaw reduction 3 weeks ago. This is the second time im doing it after 2 years. However, this time results are not... READ MORE

Botox jaw reduction in New York City?

It is difficult to find a doctor that specializes in this procedure- at least on here. My jaw muscle is oversized, giving my face a square look. I... READ MORE

Can Botox Be Safely/Successfully Used to Decrease Muscle Mass in the Deltoid Muscles?

Want to reduce muscle mass in deltoids. Can BOTOX be used for this and/or has anyone ever used botox for muscle reduction? My body is... READ MORE

Large mentalis muscle (witch chin) reduction with Botox?

I have a very prominent chin, with pebbling that becomes even more prominent when I smile. Is it possible that I can have size reduction of the... READ MORE

How long does it take for Botox to work in reducing the jawline for face slimming if its the 1st time I have used it?

Today was the first time I got this treatment done and the doctor wants to see me in 1 week. The treatment cost me 700 euros which is quite expensive,... READ MORE

Can I Reduce my Masseter Muscle Without BOTOX?

Since I live in India and I cannot afford as well as for some reasons I do not have access to Botox therapy, can I use some 'Natural' solution for... READ MORE

Botox Jawline reduction-how many units do I need? (photo)

I have a strong jawline and is currently considering botox to reduce the size of my jawline. Should I start with 25 units on each side? Also, can I go... READ MORE

Was my Botox Jaw Reduction Done Correctly?

I had botox jaw reduction 7 days ago. 40 units on both sides. no side effects. My jaw works like before. I was told that my jaw muscles should be... READ MORE

3 weeks post op, how long until masseter Botox starts to show?

I received my first botox injection in my masseter muscles to slim down my face almost 3 weeks ago and have seen no improvement. I went in and got a... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for jaw line softening/reduction with botox? (photo)

What are the possible side effects for the procedure? I've heard that some people get paralysis near the mouth. READ MORE

Am I A Candidate For Botox Jaw Reduction at 16? What's The Cost?

Hi, I was born with square shaped head and i wanted to know if botox works. I'm 16 years old. how much does it cost for each side? READ MORE

10 units of Botox enough for masseter slimming? (photos)

I was injected with 10 units of botox to each side of my masseter muscle for a total of 20 units. I am afraid I will not see any reduction in the size... READ MORE

Botox Jaw Reduction from Tmj In Right Masseter?

Had large masseter in right jaw and noticed botox helps with is. Saw someone last week who injected 20 units in my right jaw and 15 units in left-... READ MORE

How many units of Botox would I need for a Botox Jaw Reduction? (photo)

As you can see in the photo my main problem is the masseter muscle on my jaw. I was wondering how many units of botox I would need for a very... READ MORE

Can I do Botox after HIFU/ Ulthera ?? (photos)

I have a wedding in October, I am going to get a HIFU/Ulthera in May , then I want to get a botox for jaw reduction after 2 months. Will it be too... READ MORE

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