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I Got 20 Units Injected for Frown Lines Yesterday Have a Red Line on Each Side of Nose Now

This is the first time have gotten Botox and the lines look almost like a rash. Both sides are about an inch and a half long. It is ilke someone drew... READ MORE

What caused red, swollen lumps on forehead after Botox? (photo)

After receiving Botox several places on face, total of 32 units, the next morning there was two lumps slightly above eyebrows. No lumps at other... READ MORE

Is This an Allergy to Botox Boucouture (Botilinium Toxin A)?

I have had Botox since 2007, with no problems, had it on April 19th by the Monday 23rd I had to call an ambulance I was red faced with a rash and felt... READ MORE

Weeks after botox I have swollen eyelids & skin at corners of my eyes is rough & itchy. What can I use to heal it?

I had botox on my forehead and now (weeks later) have droopy, swollen eyelids and the skin near the corners of my eyes (and under my eyes) is rough,... READ MORE

Necrosis of skin?

March 2015 I have lip fillers and botox injections in forehead. 3 days later in forehead I noticed white worm like blanch spots on my forehead. They... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a large bump under the skin 4 weeks after Botox? (Photo)

I had Botox about 4 weeks ago now with no issues. However yesterday I noticed a raised patch of skin in the middle but slightly to the left. It goes... READ MORE

Why would I get red lumps where every Botox injection was administered?

I got Botox injections last night. I've had it many times in the past with no reactions. Today over the course of the day I noticed red lumps forming... READ MORE

Methacrylate and botox can cause bump and red after 1 month???

On february I have done methacrylate filler between eyebrows, on 9 november I do botox and doctor inject in eyebrows zone and forehead, after a mont... READ MORE

I want to know if the Botox I had in my forehead can cause a welt to form under my eye a few days after the injection? (photo)

I received botox for the first time on Monday afternoon. Just a small amount in my forehead between my eyes. I have felt fine other than a headache.... READ MORE

8 days post op Botox, I have hive like bumps only AFTER working out. Is this normal?

I had 20 units of botox 8 days ago. it was going fine until day 8. today when I finally returned to working out. post workout I noticed pain in the... READ MORE

I got Botox injections yesterday and today I have a red pimple looking bump on my forehead. Any suggestions?

I thought it was a zit so I picked it, bad idea.. Now I think it may have been a injection site from yesterday's Botox. I had Botox injected to raise... READ MORE

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