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Best Face Cream After Botox?

Do you get a face cream with Botox? Is there an aftercare treatment that one should use to keep the wrinkles from returning? READ MORE

Facial Exercise or Scowling for Working Botox into Muscles?

I had a Botox injection (8 units) for the first time yesterday, for the frown lines between my brows. I was wondering, why I was told to exercise the... READ MORE

What is the Usual Botox Recovery Time?

How much time should I allow for recovery from Botox injections? What kind of limited activity, etc., can I expect? READ MORE

How Can I Reduce Swelling After Botox?

Had botox 5 weeks ago in the middle of forehead. Since then I can not see very well because the upper lids have swelled. I have slits for eyes. I was... READ MORE

Did Patting the Brow Ruin Botox Result?

Received my first Botox injection and was advised to do certain things but I didn't ask how to know when you've done the "bad things" (touched your... READ MORE

I have a crooked smile after masseter/jawline Botox injection! What is it caused by and when will I recover? (photos)

I have med/large bite muscles and received botox on my jawline. I first rcvd 30U of botox on each side of my cheeks. Two wks later, I rcvd 10U on the... READ MORE

Can I Use an Inversion Table After Botox?

I typically use the inversion table (basically a headstand) every other day, which allows me to hang vertically upside down. This helps my spine and... READ MORE

How Long for Botox Induced Cheek Ptosis to Resolve After Small Dose?

Paralysis occured after top up 5 weeks ago. The doctor injected 2 units into my crows feet and a little under my eyes. The main botox was 2 weeks... READ MORE

Botox Question: Recovery Time of Treatment?

My concern is getting Botox and accidentally twitching/rubbing the area (without knowing or realiziang it) within the 4 to 6 hr recovery time. What... READ MORE

Indent and New Lines After Botox Treatment

After having a Botox treatment, I now have a deep indentation in the right side of my forehead, a deep line running from the middle of my eyebrows to... READ MORE

15 Months of Suffering From Dizziness, Weakness and Blurry Vision From Botox. Will It Ever Stop?

15 months ago I had 100 units of botox injected in my neck. After few days I started to be extremely dizzy, I had double vision and I also had trouble... READ MORE

15 Months of Sickness and Weird Side Effects Due to Botox. Will I Ever Completely Recover?

I have been really sick for 15 months. Internist, two Opthamogists and Emergency Med doc, confirmed BOUTULISM SIDE EFFECTS. Have you had anyone... READ MORE

I have a crooked smile from botox. Is it from nefertiti or forehead botox? Please help (Photo)

A month ago I had nefertiti botox 50 units injected in jaw line. My smile has affected badly and can't stretch my mouth. few days before this I had... READ MORE

Zygomaticus hit with Botox - Help! (photos)

My zygomaticus muscles were injected with Botox instead of the masseter. 3 weeks post injections and my smile remains paralyzed and the masseter... READ MORE

When I will be fully recovered from side effect of Botox and return to my normal face before the injection?

Im 43 years old and i have done botox on forehead , around the eyes, and the "11 lines" between the eyebrows for 3 and half months ago . i faced many... READ MORE

When the headache and heaviness of the Botox recover?

10 days before I have injected Botox in The sixth day I woke up with heaviness in my forehead and head with pressure and uncomfortability then in the... READ MORE

Will my neck muscles recover to normal shape after treatment with Botox for one year? (Photo)

In 2014, after working a few years as a bus driver, I started to have pain in the neck, back, shoulders. A neurolog decided to try botox, he said I... READ MORE

4 months post op of Botox, I had nausea, tremors, chills, and muscle weakness. Is this normal?

Hello. 4 months ago I had 50 units in the masseter Bocouture. failure and nearly half the botox was injected into muscle buccinator and masseter half... READ MORE

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