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Why my Bruise is Yellow Post 2 Weeks of Botox? (photo)

Its been two weeks since my botox. Done 3 areas forhead, eyes, glubella. Aon left side of crows feer injection site near eye bruise turned yellow, I... READ MORE

Face Seems Bigger and Distorted After Botox for Square Jaw Reduction?

Hi i had 40 units of botox for square jaw reduction 2 months back. For the first month, right side of my face swelled up and muscles were really tight... READ MORE

Got a New Doctor Now Botox Doesn't Last As Long - What Gives?

Do some doctors dillute or "water-down" Botox? When I lived in Arizona, my old doctor stressed that his Botox was not diluted (my injections... READ MORE

Why Isn't my Botox Working As It Has in the Past?

I had botox 12 days ago, focusing on the "T" area. I purchased 40 units. The most visible "T" line is still very pronounced. I do botox to prevent -... READ MORE

Why Would Botox Therapy Treatment Cost $4090.00 for a Single Treatment That Took 15 Minutes?

My wife recently had Botox treatment for persistent migraines. We were then charge a total of $4090.00 for a treatment regimen that took less than 15... READ MORE

Question About Botox for Illness?

I have Blepharospasm and have to have injections of botox every 3 months to be able to open my eyes. Yesterday was the first time in 13 years that the... READ MORE

Why must Botox be reconstituted using 21 gauge needle? What happens if 18 gauge or 25 gage is used?

Why must Botox be reconstituted using 21 gage needle? What happens if larger 18 gage or smaller 25 gage is used? READ MORE

Botox: is Some Trial and Error Expected to Get the Look You Want, and Can It Build Up over Time?

I've gone to the same doctor for my Botox for the last 3 times (I go every 6 months). The first time I looked great (glabella). Second time, I had... READ MORE

New Injector but Same Result - Left Eye Started Watering After Botox Day 1, Any Way to Get It to Stop?

From previous responses when this occured to me the 1st time, botox may have leaked to the lower left eye area & now the tears are flowing out vs.... READ MORE

Have Been Getting Botox Every 10 Weeks Since 2009, but in 2011 a Line Appeared Across my Forehead Anyway. Why? (photo)

Read this before you answer: I am depressed, and I live and work alone, so my facial expressions are minimal. I have no crows' feet at all,... READ MORE

How Long Will This Take to Correct? When Can I Have Botox Done to Correct it? (photo)

As on photo my face on one side had completely dropped why I do not know jawline should of be lifted not pulled I had bruising around the mouth and... READ MORE

After the Botox my Right Lip Has No Movement?

After the Botox my Right Lip Has No Movement? READ MORE

Why do some people get 2 or 3 units of Botox vs. 5 or 10 in certain areas?

My girlfriend says her PS administers just 2 or 3 units to her crows feet & that is the perfect amount for her. My PS explained the standard is 5... READ MORE

I have had 32 units of Botox injected in the glabella area without results. What could be the reason this isn't working? (Photo)

- I'm still able to use the muscles and create a deep wrinkle. - At first I was given 12 units without results, then came back and received 8 more. No... READ MORE

Chin looks weird day after Botox? (Photo)

I had a pebble/cobble stone chin, the doctor Injected 6 units of Botox in my chin..the first day I couldn't tell any change but the second day when I... READ MORE

I have had Botox twice on my forehead and on both occasions only the left side has worked. Why would this happen?

I went back the second time and was given more ... And it still didn't work .... Why would this happen READ MORE

Botox. Why does it only last for 2 months?

Hello I'm a 34 male and stared doing Botox years ago .. but I noticed that it only last for 2 months and I really want to know why? Most doctors tells... READ MORE

Botox and light sensitivity?

When i'm due for botox (about every 4 months) my eyes become light sensitive. i know it sounds strange. is there any reason for this? READ MORE

Why does my forehead Botox last only 1 month?

I have been injected with botox for about one month, but the lines appeared and the movement is returned as before! READ MORE

Reasons for drooping brow and brow bone skin on one side of the face? (Photo)

I have noticed my brow over my right eye being lower than my left and the hood of my eye becoming lower for some time now. But recently it's gotten... READ MORE

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