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How Will Botox in the Glabella Region Affect my Ability to Raise my Eyebrows?

I am considering Botox to my glabella region to relax the muscles in that area that are starting to cause a permanent vertical ridge (no deep wrinkles... READ MORE

Botox to Raise Eyebrows - Permanent Results?

I had botox injected to raise my eyebrows in 2008.The right one is still raised. The other one is down. They are not only uneven but the right one... READ MORE

My Right Eyebrow Raises Unintentionaly Specially when I Meet New People or when Im Nervous? (photo)

I noticed while in college that my right eyebrow raises unintentionally, specially around new people and sometimes randomly. I can control my left... READ MORE

Can I Have my Eyebrow Rasied by Botox? (photo)

I am a caucasian male, age 47 with fair skin. I would like to have the eyebrow raised by Botox, (see photo) is this possible, ?, where would the... READ MORE

Lower Lid Won't Raise when Smiling After Botox for Eye Twitch

I got 2 units of botox injected right under the lower lash line in the middle of my lower left eyelid for an undereye twitch that just wouldn't go... READ MORE

Did Botox and 6 Months Later when I Frown with Brows Pointing Down There is a Ridge- Why?

Got botox 6 months ago and liked it EXCEPT when I would raise my brows there was a subtle bump above where my frown would be and when I would frown... READ MORE

How many units of Botox I need for a slight brow raise? (photo)

I'm 25 years old and have never gotten botox before. I want my eyebrows to look arched and raised. How many units of botox I need for this. I don't... READ MORE

Would Botox in the forehead still allow me to have some forehead expression lines when I raise my eyebrows?

Is it possible to get Botox in the forehead and still have expression lines when I raise my eyebrows. I heard Botox works for migraines, and I also... READ MORE

Will botox help me to stop raising my forehead? It is driving me crazy! (Photo)

I ptosis and will have surgery for it around March but I'm mostly bothered by my eyebrows constablem constantly being raised ava it is giving me... READ MORE

Botox help! Had furrows treated but 8 days later only having effects in middle of forehead. (photos)

I was injected on July 1st to treat my 11's. I felt effects after 5 days in raising my brows. My forehead across the middle is heavy. But I am not... READ MORE

I would like to know if Botox would help in raising the scars (indented)? (photos)

The scar is quite old. I would like to have it raised to the same level as the rest of my skin on my face. READ MORE

Should I still be able to raise my eyebrows a little after Botox?

I had 20 units of botox injected 1 month ago (my first time). It was injected into my glabellar frown lines and horizontal forehead lines. I can tell... READ MORE

Cosmetic Botox to raise brows?

My eyebrows are basically straight across. If I were to smile or be interacting I can feel l6 eyelids raise as well as my brows which almost feels... READ MORE

I had Bell's palsy 9 mo. ago which left my eyelid droopy. Would Botox help raise my eyelid back to its previous position?(photo)

I'd prefer a minimally invasive eyelid procedure, if possible. Prior to Bell's palsy (from which I've otherwise made a full recovery), my whole upper... READ MORE

Can botox actually raise the tip of my nose?

I don't have enough money for the nose job I want yet so I intend on settling for a non surgical for the mean time... my nose is completely straight... READ MORE

I want to raise droopy brows/lids. How much Botox is needed, and where?

I have brow ptosis, particularly on the left side, and worse "11" lines on the left. I want to raise the droopy side 2 mm at most but it would be all... READ MORE

Why didn't Botox work for me ?

I got 20 units of Botox in my forehead to raise my brows on May 1st then 2 weeks later 2 more units. I look the same. Waste of money & time. I went to... READ MORE

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